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It has become increasingly important for every business to have a website of their own however it often happens that the small and medium scale businesses do not have an IT expert or may be no IT department at all. Since not everyone is tech savvy, they are at a disadvantage and not aware on how a website can be developed or whom to contact for their specific needs.

This articles aims to help layout the different roles by the task for a web development project and thus help provide a more clear picture of what happens behind the scenes and who is the right person to contact.

How to select your Web Designer:

The terms ‘web designer’ and ‘web developer’ are one of the most misused words in the IT world. Although both are very different roles they are often used in the wrong way. The Web Development is often referred to the development of the entire website, however the fact is that a Web Designer’s role is to develop the design or layout for the website and a Web Developer’s role is to convert that design into a wonderful website using a dynamic language if required.

Here are the roles in more detail:

  • Website Designer: This is a creative role and requires a good knowledge of the current trends, not to mention a creative mind. The ideal web designer is the person who will interact with the business owner for the design preferences of their website. The preferences for the graphics, font and even color are the common elements that are discussed. At times even a reference website is provided to help the designer gain a better understanding. It is vital that the website designer understands every aspect of the website since it will influence the design in a big way.

  • Website Developer or Programmer: The website developer often also called the website programmer since a programming is used more often than not. All the website code is usually generated by the website developer which may include programming in a dynamic language like PHP or C#.

  • Graphic Designer: Depending on how big the website is or the level of complexity, you may or may not require a graphic designer. However if any professional graphics like a logo, or special website photos or even a small animation of some kind is required, the Graphic Designer would be called upon. Although it does happen that it the task is not very complicated, the requirements are fulfilled by the Web Designer itself.

  • Digital Marketing: A website is essential however making sure you can be found easily is also of great importance. Almost everyone can relate to making search on Google and only checking the top 5 links and never look at the remaining. Thus it is important to be in the top few top be seen. That is where the Digital Marketing person comes into play.

Easy Web Development at Alakmalak:

A website design company like Alakmalak is already fully well equipped with the software tools and the skilled designers. On the other hand if a business takes it upon themselves to make a website they would need to first hire a website design expert in-house to do the job. On the other hand if you have taken it upon yourself to design the website then there would be quite the learning curve in terms of the basic knowledge of the technology you choose to use as well as information about the latest trends and tips and tricks. There is also a good standard and quality to maintain which is something that a website design company is more well equipped to do.

Thus to make sure you end up with a website that is very user friendly and easy for all to understand and use it is better to opt for a website design company. They will also make sure that the website is available on all platforms if that is one of the requirements and make sure that the website loading time is not too high so as to keep the visitors coming back.


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