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4 Top Magento Issues that have an adverse impact on eCommerce growth

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A large number of people have a lot of faith in the eCommerce platform Magento. More
than 12% of the eCommerce websites are powered by this platform. But Magento has
some issue which can cause a hindrance in the eCommerce growth.

Magento Issues

Magento Issues

Here are the top common Magento issues that can have a negative impact:

Loading speed and performance issues:

If there is any problem with the loading speed then the conversions will get affected
adversely. If you fail to configure Magento to meet the requirements of modern loading
speed requirements then you will lose a lot of business.

If you do not want to suffer from such issues then go for a dedicated server for your
Magento website. Reduction in query complexity is possible by enabling flat catalogs.
Optimization of the website is also very important. For speed and configuration
problems get in touch.

Products functionality issues:

If you want to get the best from your Magento store then you have to resolve the
product functionality issue. For this, you will have to go to the Magento root folder and
edit the same. If you are making use of the Magento theme then you have to visit
/app/design/frontend/base/default/layout/ and here relevant changes have to be
made. But for making these changes make sure that you check with an expert and make
the correct changes.

Open-source vulnerabilities:

In the case of Magento, there is the community edition and the enterprise edition. A
large number of people make use of the community edition. Now there are bound to be
vulnerabilities in the case of an open-source eCommerce platform. Whenever the
company finds any weaknesses, they release security patches which one needs to install
at the earliest and without fail.

High maintenance and development cost compared to other open sources:
The development and maintenance of the Magento website will depend on the exact
requirement of the client. But the website development cost is high and this cost can
increase if the website developed has any performance issues. If you want a high
standard website then finding the best Magento developer with years of experience isimportant. For this one has to be willing to spend more. The maintenance of Magento
websites is also very high.

Magento is definitely one of the best platforms for eCommerce websites. But at the end
of the day, nothing is perfect and so naturally there will be few glitches in the case of
Magento as well. But there are solutions to the issues and you just need to ensure that
you apply the right solution to overcome the problem.

In some cases, you need to make some changes to the code and for this, you need to be
comfortable in editing the code. Because if you make any mistake then it cost you
dearly. If you are not confident with the coding aspect then it is better to hire the
services of an expert.


    Rushik Shah 12 January , 2021

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