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IoT has been emerging largely and is the booming technology that has taken over the world today. It is the giant network that connects things and people that allows the sharing of data within the network. From refrigerators to parking spaces, the Internet of Things is
flourishing into the digital fold day-by-day. And, surely, it will be a multi-trillion industry in
the upcoming future.


Here we will discuss the top 6 IoT trends to look out in 2020;

1. IoT Security: With more and more devices getting connected to the internet of things, a huge amount of information gets transferred across multiple networks. And as the network gets bigger, the information will be at risk. Hence, the increased use of IoT must be accompanied by the IoT security preventing theft and malicious attacks on the network. IoT security will be bigger propriety when it comes to IoT mobile app developments making it safer and secure.

2. Greater Consumer Adoption: There will be a drastic change in the internet of things during the upcoming years ahead. It will witness a growth of industrial IoT platforms and infrastructures and will gradually evolve and have a greater adoption by consumers more than ever before. Moreover, the IoT will make things simpler for us from architecture to telecommunications.

3. Better Data Convergence: Everything that we say to IoT is stored in the form of big chunks of data. Big Data is a platform that will store all the data and supports huge demands for large scale data. All the data that gets collected by the IoT and various other technologies get analyzed and assists in extracting full advantage of IoT.

4. Data Processing with Edge Computing: The basic weakness of IoT is that it adds up devices behind the firewall of the network. Securing the devices is easy but with the case of IoT devices, it requires a lot more. There is a need for high-end security in all the sections when it comes to IoT devices. Edge computing is the fastest and easiest way to speed up the processing of data.

5. Blockchain for IoT Security:  Blockchain is a decentralized platform where no one can access the data unless they have the required keys and user permissions. By using this technology in IoT, security can be tightened as it increases the usage in our daily life. Here the consumers will have complete control over their data, and also enables them to choose with whom they want to share it and whom they don't want to give access to.

6. Software-as-a-Service Becomes the Norm: The Software-as-a-Service also is known as the SaaS is swiftly getting at the top for being the favorite in the IT game sector even. SaaS among all the IoT trends will make the life of people better than before.


So, here we have listed only a few of the IoT trends that you must know and prepare
yourself in 2020. The best thing about the IoT devices is that they provide easier and cost-
effective services meant to make your life easier, secure, and more comfortable than ever.

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