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iOS App Design and how it has changed over the years

iPhone App Developer, iPhone App development

iOS App Design

Like every other device the iOS devices like iPhone, iPod, etc have also improved over the years. Although the first iPhone was released 2007 and they wisely did not try to pack a great deal of new features into the new device. Instead of this they spent a great deal of effort in getting the basic and core features and experience of the user right.

The result was that they developed a device that had a new operating system at the core, the iOS. This had several good features like multi-touch gestures, mobile safari, visual voice mail and even itunes and maps. At this point time of time the iPhone device did not have any feature to execute any Apps of any kind.

The Apple devices like the iPhone, iPod, etc have changed over the years and are have more features that were ever imagined when they first started out. The list of features that were sequentially introduced into the devices are mentioned here. The hardware capabilities the device have a lot to do with the features of the Apps and the App design.

Hardware features by OS:

  • iOS1 features

    • Location

    • Multitouch keyboard

    • iTunes music store

    • Core iOS User interface

    • Visual voicemail

    • Map

    • iTunes sync

  • iOS2 features

    • Native 3rd party apps

    • App Store

    • Support for Microsoft Exchange

    • Contact Search

  • iOS3 features

    • Find my Phone

    • Voice control

    • iBooks

  • iOS4 features

    • Multitasking

    • FaceTime Video Chat

    • Retina Display support

    • Game Center

  • iOS5 features

    • Siri

    • Notification Center

    • iMessage

    • iCloud

  • iOS6 features

    • Facebook integration

    • Passbook

  • iOS7 features

    • Visual overhaul

    • Control Center

    • AirDrop

  • iOS8 features

    • Widgets

    • iCloud Drive

    • Healthkit

    • Family Sharing

  • iOS9 features

    • Enhanced multi-tasking features

    • Split view

    • Picture in picture with FaceTime

The iOS App design has been directly influenced by the features available. This includes the features of the devices as well as how the operating system has been optimised to exploit these features.

For example:

The multi-tasking features were only introduced after the launch of iOS4, thus till that point in time the Apps designed did not include such functionality and nor did the design of the Apps bear such a user interface. The multi-tasking feature was later optimised, but that is not all, a new feature like split view has also been introduced thus completely changing how the Apps can operate. This too has brought about a big change in the iOS App design.

If the feature progression of the iOS versions mentioned above were looked at carefully it is easy to notice that there have been enhancements at every level. The ones that most affected the App design are:

  • Quality of display, with introduction of retina display and further enhancements.

  • Multi-tasking

  • App touch features

  • App display with split view feature

  • General enhancement of the user interface with new style operating system.

Alakmalak always incorporates and stays ahead of the changes:

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  • How the iPhone and iOS have changed over the years
  • iOS App Design and how it has changed over the years
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