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Introduction to WordPress iOS App

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WordPress is a content management system is available as a free download. It is an open source software that can be used to develop many different types of websites like a normal blogging website, a full-fledged CMS, an eCommerce website, and many more. WordPress also has a mobile app is available for both the Android devices and the Apple devices. This mobile app is a feature rich and has many features that allows you to manage the website. It has most of the basic options that are available in the WordPress Admin panel. Several new features were recently added to the WordPress mobile App. The main feature is a Media Library Section which makes it easier to share images, videos and also manage them. It is now possible to edit and add the images on your website and maintain all the media on your website with ease.

Introduction to WordPress iOS App
The main features of this WordPress iOS App are listed here:

– You can receive many types of important notifications about your website right on your WordPress mobile app.

– It is possible for you to makes changes to the “textual content” on the fly. Hence even if you do not have a PC around and you need to make changes to one of the pages. For example, if you need to change your contact details on the contact page, it is now easy to do so with a mobile app.

– The WordPress Mobile app also allows you to stay in touch with your website at all times. Hence, if you need to check the latest statistics, like view the latest visitors, check which is the most popular blog, product or page, it is possible for you to do so with the app.

Mobile Dependency

There is an increase in the level of dependency on Mobile devices. These days almost every task can be handled with the help of a mobile. Besides which the number of people using smart phones is on the rise as is the number of people using the Internet for various tasks. More people are now comfortable with shopping online as well. At the same time online education is also gaining momentum.

Not every uses a computer on a daily basis. Unless one a tech savvy it is likely that they may be involved several other activities and do not even go near a computer. For such people and business men it is very important that they are able to manage their website while on the go. The WordPress mobile app allows them to do just that.

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