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Laravel Web Development

Introduction to Laravel Mix in Laravel version 5.4

By: Rushik Shah

Laravel is an open source PHP web framework that follows the model-view-controller (MVC) architecture. It is a free PHP framework that has become very popular in a very short time. Laravel has grabbed the number one spot (as best PHP framework) and has hung on to this place since quite a while. This can be credited to the splendid features set like a dedicated dependency manager, multiple relational database access, application development and maintenance tools to name a few.

Laravel Mix in Laravel version 5.4

Introduction to Laravel version 5.4

Laravel version 5.4 was recently released and along with it came many more features and upgrades. Here are some of the new features in Laravel 5.4:

1) New Middleware: There are two new middleware with Laravel 5.4. One is the Trim Strings Middleware. This middleware trims extra spaces from request data. Thus if there is any extra space inserted in a form input, this middleware will automatically trim the space. This is a good introduction that will reduce bugs and also increase security. The second new one is “Convert Empty strings to Null”. This middleware will convert empty strings to null.

2) Higher order messages: This has help improve the syntax of the Laravel code to a great extent. It simplifies how the code is written and also makes it more readable thus easy to maintain.

3) Elixir to Mix: Laravel Elixir is now Laravel Mix. This is too one of the changes made in the version 5.4. The reason the name was changed was that there was a significant upgrade made to this module and hence it was considered best to rename it. It was previously built on Gulp, but now is based on Webpack. It has a new helper function by the name ‘mix’.

There are several other new features in Laravel 5.4 like Fluent Routing, Components and Slots, Real Time Facades, Laravel Dusk. [View More: Laravel 5.4 News, Features, & Tutorials]

Introduction to Laravel Mix

Laravel Mix is the new Laravel Elixir. Laravel Elixir is a wrapper around Gulp which has several limitations. Hence it has been redesigned in a new project and called Mix. It is necessary to remove a few lines of code from the Laravel template file. In fact, there are a few lines of code that need to be replaced. The code that loads the files app.css and app.js need to be replaced to include the ‘mix’ command like, mix(‘/css/app.css’). Webpack offers more in terms of the structure of the code. It helps differentiate the custom coding.

Thus at the end of the day, Laravel Mix is a build tool that has been introduced in Laravel version 5.4. It is not a completely new tool in the sense that it replaces Laravel Elixir and does things differently. It does have a similar API to Elixir though and is based on a different module called Webpack.

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