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Integrating Zen Cart With a Content Management System

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Zen Cart is an open source e-commerce solution software which available for free download. This is the complete package and can be used to create a full-fledged shopping cart out of the box. It is also possible to install additional modules to enhance the functionality of the shopping cart. It is likely that you wish to have a layout or website design of your own choice in that case such website designs need to be specially designed by the website designers and then integrated by the Zen Cart developers. Alakmalak is one company that is into Zen Cart development in India and has been for a considerable about of time.

Zen Cart Web Development

Zen Cart Web Development
Zen Cart is very versatile e-commerce software which also includes the feature where you can create text pages and append them to the shopping cart. For example if you require an ‘About Us’ page on the site that you can simply go to the admin panel and load the tools menu and select Ez-pages option. That said the content management features of the Zen Cart are limited and if you already are managing your content using another open source like WordPress then it does not make sense to shift all the textual content to another editor.

Zen Cart Web Development Services

Zen Cart Web Development Services
In such a situation it is a good idea to integrate the Content Management System with Zen Cart itself. WordPress is a very popular content management system and hence this article briefly describes as to how one can go about integrating Zen Cart with WordPress.

To start with Zen Cart has a module to integrate WordPress which can be downloaded from the Zen Cart plug-in directory. But the process is slightly more complicated than just installing the module. You need to have your Zen Cart installed in a directory like ‘/shop’ for example and the WordPress blog in another directory like ‘/blog’. After which you need to change the Blog Address URL to that of the Zen Cart’s URL replacing what is there by default. This can be done from the admin section of WordPress by going the menu Options –> General.

The Zen Cart module we discussed about earlier will have two folders ZC_Root which goes to the Zen Cart folder and WP_Root which will go to the WordPress folder. On the WordPress installation you need to go to the directory ‘/includes/extra_configures/wordpress-config.php’ change the definition for ‘ABSPATH’ as define(‘ABSPATH’, ‘/public_html/blog’);

The WordPress option will be present in the Zen Cart as sideboxes which need to be enabled by going to the admin menu and clicking on Tools Layout Boxes.

That’s all you need to do to integrate two very good open source software solutions making your website a very powerful one indeed.

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