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Website Design

Inspiring Tips for Designing A Website With Negative Space

By: Rushik Shah

When creating websites or designing blogs, designers often struggle with the space between elements. They might be tempted to fill every blank space with something, but they should instead leave it empty. From static objects like menus, text blocks, and simplistic posters to the highly intricate and soulful images we see in most of the websites, the amount of positive and negative space is different.

Negative space is that part of a picture that isn’t part of the main subject, yet it holds an important role in drawing inspiration as well. This article will present a list of ways in which you can use negative space to design a website.

What Is Negative Space in Design?

Negative space is the area between elements or objects within a layout. In web design, this could mean the space around the text, images, buttons, etc. The idea behind using negative space is to create visual interest and balance within the page. When designing websites, it’s important to pay attention to the areas where your visitors won’t see anything.

Why Is Negative Space Important?

This creates space for things like navigation bars and other elements without cluttering the rest of the page. When creating a website, you should try and use negative space. By adding a bit of white space, you can give the viewer something to look at while keeping the focus on the main content.


To know more about this topic as we will discuss a few Tips for Designing A Website With Negative Space:-

Embrace the negative space

There are many benefits to embracing the negative space on your website. One of the most important benefits is that it can help to create a more organized and simplified design. By embracing the negative space, you can eliminate any clutter or excess information from your website. This will make it easier for visitors to find what they are looking for, and it will also make your website look more professional.

Another benefit of embracing the negative space is that it can help to reduce the amount of stress that you feel while designing your website. By simplifying your design, you will be able to focus on creating a strong and effective content strategy instead of worrying about how your website looks.

It’s not just black or white.

Negative space is an important design element that can be used to create a balanced and harmonious look for your website. It can be used to fill in the spaces between elements on a page, creating a more organized and polished appearance. Instead of using black and white colors, use various different colors so that you can design an amazing negative space for your website.

For example, if you want to use a color other than black or white to create negative space on your website, you could try using green or blue. These colors will create a visual contrast that will help to highlight specific areas of your website.

Core Factors Influenced by Negative Space

As negative space is the empty space around objects in a design, it can be used to create a balance of contrast between different elements. 

Here are some of the Core factors that can affect the overall look and feel of a design:-

Readability and legibility

Negative space is a type of design element that can be used to improve the readability and legibility of text. When negative space is used effectively, it can help to reduce the amount of white space on a page, which makes it easier for readers to scan and understand the text. Negative space can also be used to create a balance between text and graphics, which can help to enhance the overall appearance of a document.

Attention ratio

Negative space can influence the attention ratio by creating a more focused environment. By using negative space, you can direct the viewer’s attention towards specific elements of your design while minimizing distractions.

For example, if you want to create a design with a high attention ratio, you could use negative space to create a stark contrast between the background and the foreground. This would help focus the viewer’s attention on your content and reduce the amount of distraction that they may experience.

Nature of the resource

The Nature of the resource can be influenced by negative space if it is used effectively. Negative space can be used to create a balance between the content and the layout of the page or document. It can also be used to separate different elements on a page, making them more visible.

It can be used to create a feeling of emptiness or loneliness, which can add drama or tension to a design. It can also be used to create contrast and emphasis.

Make Negative Space a Priority Early in Your Process

It is important to design your website with negative space in mind because it can help to create a balanced and cohesive look for your site. By creating negative space, you can reduce the amount of clutter on your page and make your site easier to navigate. You can also use negative space to emphasize key elements of your website, such as your logo or menu items.

It is also important to consider negative space when designing your website’s layout. By spacing out text and images evenly across the page, you can create a more organized and visually appealing appearance. So, if you want to create a professional and polished look for your website, make sure to include plenty of negative space throughout the design process!


Designing a website with negative space is an excellent way to create an elegant and modern look. It is a design technique used to define the edges of an object, such as the border of a photo frame or negative space in a painting. It can also be used to add more depth and dimension to an image by adding elements that are not visible in the actual image. Negative space allows you to convey more information about your content without having it clog up your page with unnecessary images. This design technique can be applied to any type of website.

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