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Inserting images into an article in Joomla

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Joomla is one of the most versatile software and it is also open source. This is a software that is free to download and thus can be downloaded and installed by any one. The smart and user friendly interface provided by the Joomla installation procedure makes it easy for anyone install it.

The next step after installing the software is change the look and feel (template) of the website. You can select from any one of the numerous templates available online. On the other hand you do have the option of making your own template. The advantage of doing so is that you can influence it with your own design ideas. In addition to which you can also include additional functionality as well.

Once you do have the template sorted out all that is left is to set up your website with content. For example if you have developed a content management system for a regular firm you may have the need to enter the about us information for example. It is usually a good idea to include images along with the content.

Joomla has a interactive administration panel which is easy to learn. You have a very good editor to edit the content and format the text. The editor also allows you to include images.

If you have the need to insert images into your article content then you need not look any further. Here are a few instructions that will explain all about it and as to how you can go about doing it yourself.

  • To start with you will need access to your administrative panel. (that of the Joomla website).
  • Navigate to the article manage from the admin menu like this Content >> Article Manager.
  • Now select the article you want to edit and click on it so that it opens up in Joomla’s editor.
  • Select the place where you wish to place the image and then click on the image icon from the tool bar. You will be able to enter the link of the image along with title as well which once saved will be displayed on the page.
  • To make sure you have the link of the image you require you can first upload the image from the admin menu as well.
  • Go to the admin menu Content >> Media Manager. You will be able to upload your images here and even make the note of the generated link.

  • how to insert image in joomla
  • Inserting images into an article in Joomla

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