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9 Tips To Increase Repeat Purchase Rate in Ecommerce

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You want to keep expanding your sales as a retailer from time to time. To
To do this, you must not only focus on attracting new customers but also on
ensuring that your current customers make repeat purchases.So it is not
only enough that you have made your website from the best website
development India.

Yes, they are big platforms with many users, but subscription money
accounts for a significant amount of their earnings. Netflix acquires new
subscribers and rarely has to market to them again. Amazon uses the
money it makes from Amazon Prime subscriptions to improve logistics and
other elements of its platform.

What is Repeat Purchase?

Purchases made by a valued customer are known as repeat purchases.
These customers are well-versed in your brand and are frequently
motivated by a need for convenience. Why change something that is

The purchase journey of recurring customers differs from that of first-time
buyers because of these characteristics. New users to e-commerce sites or
applications, for example, spend their time reading the pages, looking at
different products, and comparing pricing. On the other hand, return
consumers know exactly what they want and will walk right to the store to
get it.

Tips to Increase Repeat Purchase Rate:

The following are some practical ways for increasing your eCommerce
the business’s recurring buy rate-

1. Incentivize your Customers with Points

By far, the most prevalent sort of customer loyalty program employed by
retailers to drive repeat purchases is point programs. Customers commonly earn points when they make a purchase, provide a product review, or post anything about the brands or products on social media. Encourage additional sales using discount code and coupon code.

The points can then be exchanged for a variety of appealing prizes or
discounts, which can be tailored to each customer’s interests.

2. Onboarding

You want to develop personalized ways to communicate with the customer
to improve the customer experience. Making consumers feel good about
the purchase they just made by offering pertinent updates is a key
component of this as this helps to increase the customer Retention Rate for your store. This could entail guiding them through an engaging
welcome sequence that provides value to the product they just purchased.
It is the responsibility of e-commerce marketers to improve this
component of the consumer experience. Not only will this increase the
likelihood of repeat purchases, but it will also lower the return rate.

3. Build an Email List


Sending regular, tailored emails to your customers and admirers is a tried-
and-true eCommerce tactic for encouraging repeat purchases. Unlike
remarketing advertisements, Google Ads, you don’t have to pay to reach
your email list or social ads.

Emails give you the opportunity to continue building a relationship with your customers before and after their initial purchase. An email has the highest conversion rate at 4.29%, followed by search in second. Send a follow-up email that shows similar products that they can add to their purchase.

However, while sending email is simple, it does come at a cost. Each email
you send captures your subscriber’s attention, and if they don’t find your
communications interesting enough to keep reading, they may start to tune
out your brand.

Using Send frequency optimization can help you prevent
this problem by reducing the number of emails sent to subscribers who are
showing signs of falling engagement.

4. Answer all Questions and Comments

Although 80 percent of businesses believe they provide exceptional
customer service, only 8% of customers agree. A satisfied consumer is a
loyal one. Excellent customer service and responsiveness should come as
standard. Responding quickly when clients contact you is critical if you
want to create long-term relationships with them.

Long-term clients are more likely to spend more and become more loyal
with each purchase. Dedicating personnel resources to customer service
will almost certainly have a larger return on investment than that new ad
campaign you’re considering.

5. Targeted Post-Purchase Message

Many brands may have made the error of halting targeted messaging once
the purchase has been completed. Personalized post-purchase engagement
can leave a positive and lasting impression on your clients and help them
remember your brand when they need to repurchase.

The number of previous purchases and how long they have been a customer directly impacts how much a repeat customer spends. Average repeat purchase rates for e-commerce may vary widely and the average repeat purchase rate is around 28%.

Remember that long-term customers spend more and typically become more loyal with each additional purchase. Repeat customers spend 300% more than one-time buyers.

Keep consumers engaged by offering them helpful information or relevant
recommendations to help them get the most out of their new purchase,
such as a video of hair and make-up techniques for customers who bought
beauty products or a blog article about parenting advice for customers who
bought baby products.

Use marketing automation software to provide this content to your customers in real-time via email, in-app messages, push notifications, and other channels.

6. Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are a simple approach to increase your repeat buy rate.
In fact, one of the elements that online customers consider when deciding
where to shop is the possibility of collecting loyalty benefits for purchases.
For at least half of their purchases, 35.5 percent of buyers worldwide use
businesses with loyalty programs.
91.9 percent of these make purchases in order to receive loyalty benefits.
Loyalty programs encourage clients to keep doing business with you by
incentivizing future purchases.

7. Use a Subscription-Based Model

Another excellent method for increasing repeat purchases is to have clients
join up for a subscription service provided by your store. Rather than
hoping that the consumer will return to your store on their own, you may
encourage them to do so by offering them discounts on your products if
they sign up for a monthly delivery, for example.

Granted, not every online store will be able to use a subscription-based
revenue model. However, if you’re creative, you may come up with
fantastic techniques to spark your client’ss attention.

8. Solve Cart Abandonments

Abandoned cart emails are a powerful tool for regaining lost consumers
and have a high return on investment. In reality, over 40% of abandoned
cart emails are opened, and half of those who interact with the email’s
content goes on to make a purchase!

Offer a free shipping incentive to motivate customers to complete their
orders, especially because shipping concerns are the most common reason
carts are abandoned in the first place. Customers who convert after
receiving an abandoned cart email are more likely to spend more money.

Hail Your Customers for Better Business

As the saying goes-“Customer is King” understand your customer’s
behavior for your business to be successful. Understanding and enhancing
repeat purchase rates requires an understanding of customer behavior.

Consider these tips and begin evaluating your own stats to determine what
has shown to be the most effective with your consumers thus far, and then
develop a retention program from there. Get help from the best website
development India who are ready to help you leverage your business to
the next level.

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