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7 Important Angular 9 features with which you can create realistic and beautiful apps

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Angular is easy to understand and is very useful in the development of web applications.
Angular 9 is here and it provides better ways to test components. It has some of the best
features that can help the developer create real-world beautiful apps. Here are some of
the important features that you must use.


Angular js

Angular Ivy:

In version 9, there is a significant improvement in the Angular Ivy feature. The
debugging is better and the detection of more errors is possible and it can throw them
in a more readable way.

With the Angular router navigation from one view to the next becomes possible for the
user when they are performing application tasks. The router outlet in angular 9 is a
placeholder. It can load different components dynamically and this is based on the
activated component or on the current route state.

Support for TypeScript:
Typescript is important for building large-sized applications. Angular 9.1 has added
support for Typescript 3.8. This is helping in reducing the time that is needed to build
an Angular application.

Differential loading:
The differential loading feature helps to improve performance. In this feature for the
production build, two bundles are created. One will be for the old browser which will
support ES5. The other bundle will be for the new browser which supports ES 2015 and
JavaScript versions. While loading the application the browser will load with the bundle
that it supports.

Lazy-loaded modules:
Here the dynamic support syntax is being used. In this version, there is a new way of
declaring lazy loading routes. Here the Typescript import syntax is used. In this version,
it becomes easier to run ng update @angular.cli

ViewChild in Angular:

The changes to the DOM can be detected with the ViewChild feature. It will update the
property that is matching with the selector. Make sure that you check the syntax as it
has changed slightly in this version of Angular.

Service Worker:
In the service worker registration, there is an option where one needs to specify when
the registration needs to take place. In the earlier versions, the service worker had to
wait till the app became stable.

Also, there is the option to bypass the service worker for certain requests. You also have
the option of multiple app use on different subdomains.

Angular 9 surely has some prominent features and the community is finding this
version to be very useful. Many improvements have been made in the framework and
this version is simple to use.

With this version of Angular, it is definitely possible to build modern applications that
are creative and realistic. Hire the best Angular JS developer who will make use of all
these amazing features to build apps that are simple as well as complex and ones that
are amazing and which the users will surely like.

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Rushik Shah 13 January , 2021

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