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How to use Language Override tools?

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Language override tools can be utilized in Joomla by simply following the instructions mentioned here:

Language Override tools

  • Consider you have a website with short excerpts of content on the front page.
  • Where there are sort excerpts there are usually ‘read more‘ or ‘learn more‘ buttons.
  • What we are going to do here is to change the ‘learn more’ text using the Language overrides Tool.
  • Go to the admin menu in your Joomla admin and select Extensions >> Language Manager.
  • Here a short menu opens up on the page on the left side.
  • Select the option ‘Overrides‘ and then hit the new button.
  • It is possible to make an override using a value or constant. You can now search for the item from the right sidebar option that is provided. Once the results are loaded you need to select one with the desired text and then save the override. You even have the option of using the ‘Save & New‘ button if in case you wish to create more such overrides.
  • Now refresh your website (front end) and you will notice the difference as per your selections.

Thus language overrides make it possible to change the constant values used throughout the website. If you wish to change the text for any constant value on the website ; simply follow the procedure mentioned above and you should be set to go.

This is just one example of how simple and easy Joomla is to use for the end user. It is assumed that the people that actually use Joomla to make their websites don’t have a great deal of programming knowledge. In fact some may not be very IT savvy either. But Joomla is a very versatile and robust software which has a very low learning curve. Right from installing the software to configuring it; Joomla provides good useful steps to make it easier.

The end users do at time face issues when they wish to change the template of their website though. Joomla has a very nice interface which can be used to modify the template however if your require a custom template you may have to take the help of a professional Joomla Web Developer. The other option you have is to get the design you have in your mind along with custom functionality built by a professional Joomla web developer. In fact Alakmalak is one such Joomla Web developer.

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