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How to Replace The Logo (Text One) In WordPress?

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WordPress is a very versatile software that is available for anyone to download freely. It is also open source and thus can be modified as well. Since it is free to download and install may users simple download it and install it on their servers. They seldom even change the default template before starting to use the website as which the purpose may be.

Change logo in wordpress

For example it can be used as a blog, as a content management system and even an ecommerce website. Some of the people do so as far as to downloading a free template and make do with that. This way even though their website is not unique it is still better than using the default template.

Then are some slightly advanced users you manage to search for the plugins they need to spice up their website. Since WordPress is very user friendly all this is possible with little or no programming knowledge. Thus now there are a great number of website out there that are made by novices as their start up website.

However I have often noticed that there are many subtle things missing from such websites. These are things would be almost second nature to a professional WordPress Developer but often missed by the common user. For example the site title is one such thing missed the novice users.

You will notice many websites on the internet that are active but still have the default title of WordPress along with the site logo (textual). This is a minor issue but can affect the ranking of your website in a search engine if that matters to you. WordPress provides the facility for you to change this from the admin section of the website with ease.

You can change the text logo of your WordPress website by following the steps mentioned below:

  • To start with login to the admin section of your website.
  • From the admin menu navigate to the Settings like Settings >> General.
  • Here you will notice a field named ‘Site Title’.
  • You change this field to the name of your website which can form your textual logo.

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  • How to replace the logo (text one) in WordPress?

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