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How to Enable Maintenance Mode in Magento?

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Magento is an ecommerce software available in three different versions, one of which is free to download and install. There are many ecommerce softwares around though Magento is slightly different. It uses a MVC approach in its file structure and has many features built-in thus saving you the need to add modules to do the job.

Though it does a have a great deal of modules to supplement the functionality as well. It is possible that you have an existing Magento website and need changing some configuration or load new products or modify existing products.


Maintenance Mode you Should Create Empty Maintenance

Maintenance Mode you Should Create Empty Maintenance
At times you may also be taking help of some experience Magento web developers to modify your website. Whatever the case is it is a good idea place the website on maintenance mode prior to making the changes. The reason being is that you don’t want visitors attempting to buy products or browsing your website when you are busy making vital changes to the website. This is not gives a bad impression but it also may mean loss in business.

Magneto can be placed into maintenance mode by simply creating new file by the name of maintenance.flag and placing it in the root folder. Once this file is in place and you attempt to load the website Magento will load the Maintenance page. This means that you cannot even access the admin section of the website. In order to make an exception and be able to access the admin section will need to edit the index.php file and place the following code on approximately line 47:

$allowed = array(’’, ‘’ );


Search Code

Search Code
After adding the above code you will also need to add your own IP address to the list to be able to access the admin panel. Now search for the following line of code and replace it with another given after that:

If(file_exists)($maintenanceFile)){ if(file_exists($maintenanceFile) && (!in_array($ip, $allowed)){

That is it you are all set with maintenance page although if you wish to have a customised maintenance page then you need to edit the template located at the following location:


Modify Content of Maintenance Page you Should Edit

Modify Content of Maintenance Page you Should Edit
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  • How to enable maintenance mode in magento?
  • How to put magento to maintenance mode?

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