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How to Install Template Using Export\Import a Theme Module?

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PrestaShop Web Development PrestaShop is a very popular eCommerce software that is also open source and free to download. PrestaShop is popular for many reasons like a good user interface, etc. although one of the salient features is that there are many modules or features pre-installed in the basic version of PrestaShop. This makes it very easy for the average user to just download and install the shopping cart for their use. It is common for all shop owners to want a custom layout or theme for their online shop so that it stands out from the remaining ones. There are many themes options are available for download from websites online that can be used. Divi Hosting However if you wish to have a more customized Template with all the bells and whistles of your choice you may have to take the help of a PrestaShop web designer to make the layout for you. In fact, you may even need to hire a PrestaShop developer to make custom changes for you.

Template Layout collections that are used on different pages like home page, cart page, checkout page, category pages, etc. Divi marketplace  Visual Drag & Drop Builder can be easy to use.
Content modules feature is very useful. All aspects can be controlled by the Divi Builder interface with Full Creative Template Layout. If you are a blogger many types of theme for bloggers or perfect themes are also available. Custom Category Page Template layouts are available. Import and export Content to any Template library and many types of package templates are available.

Prestashop has much creative Default website Template and can export option are there to use.
PreataShop does provide one good feature where it is possible to install existing theme options via the admin panel. It is possible to install a template in PrestaShop using the Export / Import at theme module. The method of doing so is described below:

1. You first need to log in to your PrestaShop admin panel.

2. From the admin menu go to Modules > Modules and search for Import / Export a theme module.


Import / Export a theme
4. This module will usually not be installed hence you will need to install it by hitting he install button.

5. This module now needs to be configured by clicking the Configure link.

6. Here you can select the Choose File option to browse for the file on your computer from the Import from your computer section and select your compressed theme file. One selected you can hit the next button.

Select a Them to Export

Select a them to export
7. The theme information will be displayed if it is valid and you then need to hit the next button to proceed.

8. Further options will be displayed as to which modules of the theme you want installed; and after you have selected the modules you want installed you can hit the next button.

9. You can navigate to the Preferences > Images section to check if all the image sizes were added and can even regenerate the image thumbnails from here.

10. You can customise or manage your own Designs for your Online Product or Service.

11. Divi all in one theme is the best plugin in PrestaShop for all types of plugins.

12. Has an in-built SEO feature.

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  • how to install template using export\import a theme module?

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