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How to converting your business website into responsive design ?

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Responsive website

The general buzz in the web development world is “Responsive Design” when it comes to Website Design and Development. This is no big surprise especially since the total number of mobile internet users has exceeded those using the Internet from other platforms. This is no big surprise since a larger number of people now own a smartphone and utilize all the smart features.

Here are some statistics to help understand why responsive design is now very popular and in high demand:

  • More than 58% of people in America own a smartphone.
  • Of the 58% of smartphone users, approximately 74% never return to a website that does not have a responsive design.
  • There has been a drastic increase in the number of people using mobile phones to make purchases.

Thus it is no big surprise that the new businesses prefer to have a responsive website design. However, it is not too late for those who already have a website and it is not a responsive design.

A brief introduction to responsive design:

There was a time when web designers used to strive for browser compatibility. However with the introduction of more devices that could access the internet like the mobile phone, the tablet PC the focus began to shift towards making sure every device could access the website in the right manner. Thus responsive website design was introduced where it is possible to make one design and make it viewable on several platforms using the concept of fluid grids.

Can your website be converted into Responsive Design?

The easy answer to the question of many website owners is that technically a website can be converted to a responsive design. However, it is not recommended that you do so. There are several reasons why this is not recommended.

  • Responsive design means using a new framework altogether.
  • Depending on the complexity of the website the process of doing so could take very long.
  • Even after being converted using standard techniques, you can be sure that your website will be 100% responsive. It may require special cases and conditions to make it responsive for special custom designs.

Responsive website design

Redesigning to make Responsive:

Many firms opt to redesign their website to make it responsive. This is often a good move usually means an increase in revenue and is overall beneficial. Here are two popular websites which were recently converted to responsive design:

  • Microsoft recently revamped its OneDrive website for the web to make it responsive. This redesign and foray into the world of responsive design are expected to work to their advantage since it will make their website more accessible.
  • There are the maximum number of mobile users in comparison to Desktop if you don’t have a well-designed website for Moblie then users move on to another website, it’ll increase bounce rate and your Search engine ranking will drop. The website should be well designed for all types of mobile version and their Content Management should be good because a poor user experience will bounce traffic from the website.
  • Walmart Canada has also redesigned their website in the past to make it responsive. Since this was a while ago we already have the results of how the conversion (redesign) to responsive website design has been beneficial to them. The fact is that since the responsive website design was launched they have seen a boost of 20% in their conversion rates. This is large when it is converted into the number of people using the website and the business being done.

How Alakmalak can help:

Alakmalak is a responsive web design company with a great deal of experience. Having developed more than 2000 websites for clients around the globe they have a lot of experience and have no trouble adapting to new technology and techniques.

  • How to converting your business website into responsive design ?
  • How to Transform Your Static Site into a Responsive Website

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