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How To Configure Newsletter Block In PrestaShop?

By: Rushik Shah

PrestaShop is a free open source software that can be downloaded from their website. It is a full-fledged eCommerce software that can be used to market and sell your products. Besides having many other features PrestaShop also offers the feature of a newsletter that can be set up quite easily for the users to subscribe into. Furthermore, the configuration of this newsletter to be able to attain the correct list of subscribers to send an email after subscription to is also quite simple.

PrestaShop is an open-source eCommerce software available to download for free from their website. It is one of the fairly recent eCommerce softwares compared to the many other similar softwares that already exist in the market. Even then PrestaShop has managed to gain a great deal of popularity. There are a great many companies using PrestaShop these days to satisfy their need for a shopping cart online.

PrestaShop is based on the smarty engine and any customizable templates required to be made to the standard installation would require in-depth knowledge of PHP. Hence it becomes necessary to hire a PrestaShop developer to help you out in such a situation. Alakmalak is a web development company that is also a PrestaShop developer in India and thus can help you out with your requirements.

Amongst all the features available for marketing your website a newsletter can be quite effective way of getting the message across to the masses effectively and quickly. A newsletter allows you to design your own marketing message in a very nice template and then email it across to the people who matter. This not only helps create awareness about your store but can also help in highlighting several products or offer that may be present on the store. PrestaShop offers the feature of a newsletter where the visitors can either sign up for a PrestaShop newsletter from your website or as a member of your website opt to receive a PrestaShop newsletter. This article further goes on to explain how that is done.

The Block Newsletter Module can be configured by following the process mentioned below:

1. First login to your PrestaShop admin panel.

PrestaShop admin panel

PrestaShop Admin Panel
2. Go to the admin menu Modules and select Front Office Features from the left-hand menu.

Select Front Office Features

Select Front Office Features
3. This will bring up a list of modules on the page from which you need to look for the Newsletter Block module.

4. Now make sure that this module is already installed and if not go ahead and install it.

5. The next thing that you need to confirm is that it is enabled if so click on the configure option for this module newsletter.

Click on the Configure Option for this Newsletter Module

Click on the Configure Option for this Newsletter Module
6. This will bring up several options for you to select as per your preference after which you can save the data by hitting the update button.

7. The newsletter block consists of another module located in the Administration section.

8. To get there you need to click on the admin menu option Modules once again and choose Administration from the left menu.

9. Once here search for the Newsletter module on the page and install if required.

10. This module will also need activating.

There are two options here:

1. People who have subscribed using the Newsletter Block on the website and are not necessarily customers of the website. These users can be exported by using the option ‘Export Newsletter Subscribers’ which will generate a CSV file.

Export Newsletter Subscribers

Export Newsletter Subscribers
2. People who have registered as potential customers and have opted to receive a newsletter can be exported by using the option ‘Export Customers’ which too will generate a CSV file.

Export Customers

Export Customers
11. These files consist of the customer ID, E-mail address and the day of registration as well as the IP address which can be sorted using software like MS Excel. These are the subscribers. The other CSV file (of the Customers) consists of the country too besides other fields. This helps in filtering the customers by country and sending them the appropriate newsletter in the correct language too.

12. The information can be further customised by selecting the correct option from the list of options provided.

1. It enables you to select all E-mail addresses of customers who open an account on the store for one.

2. Secondly you can choose the Subscribers who are the customers who want to receive a newsletter from you.

3. Lastly the Non-Subscribers option is to choose the customers who do not wish to receive a newsletter from the store.

4. The next option is that of the ‘Opted-in Subscribers’ that allow you to filter the contacts based on their desire to register for messages from advertising partners. Again three more options here like ‘All Customers’, ‘Subscribers’, and ‘Non-Subscriber’ which is quite self explanatory.

Opted-in Subscribers

Opted-in Subscribers
13. Once the correct set of options have been selected the data can be exported to a CSV file which consists of data like customer ID, Last name, First name, email address, IP address and date of registration. This information can be used to send marketing campaigns.

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  • How To Configure Newsletter Block In PrestaShop?

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