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How to Change Languages and Character Settings in Zen Cart?

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Zen Cart is ecommerce software that is available for free download. This open source software is very popular ecommerce platform that has been around for a while. It is trusted and implemented by many companies as their ecommerce solution. The Zen Cart has evolved over the years to become a robust and versatile software. It is usually the case that the Zen Cart users like to have their own design for their store front. It is easy to install a Zen Cart with a readymade template by simply following the instructions (if you are good at doing so), however making your own customized template is another ball game all together. It requires the expert hands of a web designer to make a good design suitable for shopping cart. Besides which it also takes the expertise of an ecommerce web developer to actually integrate the web design into the Zen Cart along with all the customizations that would be required. Alakmalak is one such ecommerce web development company that can help you out with such issues. It is possible for you to Hire Zen Cart developers via Alakmalak to work on your website.

It is quite common to have the need to use more than one language in the Zen Cart shopping cart store. It is possible to achieve that by following the simple steps below:

1. To start with you will need to download the desired language package. This can be done from the Zen Cart website itself at www.zencart.com.

2. You will need to extract these file once downloaded and store in a directory.

3. Now access your website via FTP and upload these extracted files in the appropriate directories; for example:

Set the Language Configurations



4. Now go to the admin section of the Zen Cart and login.

5. Navigate to the main menu Localization > Languages and select new language from this page. Once the screen that comes up enters information of new language and save to continue.

6. Additionally also replace the default character set in use by traversing to the appropriate directory via FTP like ‘includes/languages/ and changing the character set as per requirement.

Click On Any Language and Click the Edit Button

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  • How to Change Languages and Character Settings in Zen Cart?

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