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How to Change Logo in Magento Admin Panel?

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Magento is an open source ecommerce software. There are in fact three versions of Magento, one of which is free to download and install. Magento is a very popular ecommerce solution due to the great many number of features that if offers right out of the box. It is quite easy for anyone to set up shop with the help of Magento’s interactive install program. However if any customized layout is required or and custom features are required then special modifications are required to be made to the PHP code itself.

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This may not be a walk in the park for a layman and requires the help of a professional Magento web developer.

Change E-mail Logo

Magento has several features like a default template for the layout of the website. This default template consists of Magento’s very own logo and thus if you need to use the website for your own business and wish to have your own logo on the website then that is something you need to change yourself or with the help of a professional Magento Web developer.

Similarly the emails that are sent out to customers on several occasion like registering for the website, buy an item etc. carry the default logo of Magento. However it is possible to change this logo as will be described in this article.

The default logo that appears in the email sent to customers can be changed as by simply following the steps below:

1. Login to the admin section of your Magento installation and goto the admin menu System Configuration

2. Here select the Design tab on the left hand side menu and then select the heading Transactional Email.

3. It is possible to change the logo here by simply uploading a new image.

Configuration Panel

This is make sure that the emails sent out henceforth will carry the logo of your choice instead of the default Magento Logo.

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