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How to assess the true quality of a website

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How to assess the true quality of a website

How to assess the true quality of a website

The website explosion began in the 90s where we witnessed a large number of communities developed where one could simply register and create their website. This attracted more hobbyist at time with people developing fan pages for their favorite music group or other hobby like space exploration, photography ,etc. One such community was ‘Geo cities’. The websites being developed here were very diverse with no set trend or format. Some barely used any graphics and images and others made use of excessive graphics and 3D art.

But then all rapidly changed and websites with a set format started being developed. This set format was the standard navigation bar, a header for the title and a footer at the bottom. As more number of businesses started taking interest in the World Wide Web a better standard was developed more number of websites began following these design trends. With a boom in sight, several web development firms began springing up in the technologically savvy cities around the world. However not everyone got it right. Some development first gave a lot of importance to the design but didn’t care for the content. Then there were those who were so busy developing a theme based website they didn’t care for the navigation or content hence the visitors were left wondering about the flow of the website and no clue on how to navigate.

The current state of affairs is also quite diverse. There are those developing fabulous websites considering everything like usability, creativity, functionality and content. Then there are those developing websites based on what gets them to the top of the search engine ranking. Hence such Web Development is largely influenced by the major search engines, Google being one of them. Google often updates their search algorithm and once it become public knowledge on what are the factors that get the website to the top; the developers follow. For example they design their websites based on how the search engine crawls and place their list or products or services in strategic locations and include strategic headers etc.

With a great many factors influencing the development of your website how does one determine the quality of a website or even a proposed website for that matter. This is one issue that every business owner should be aware off and web development firm should take into consideration while developing any website. There will still be hobbyists who develop websites that do not follow any standards or rules however a business or ecommerce website cannot afford to do that. This articles explains how to gauge the quality of a website.

Important elements for design quality:

When it comes to assessing the quality of a website there are a many factors that can be considered and what is important to one may not be on the top of the priority list. However a website is usually developed for the convenience of the visitors; especially those for any business. Hence when it comes to assessing the quality of a website, many of the factors are pertaining to the ease of use of the visitor and how to keep the visitor happy. Thus here are some of the important factors to consider while assessing the true quality of a website:

  • User Friendliness

  • Content Quality

  • Organization Quality

  • Design Quality

The above list of factors is simply a general list and there can be other factors depending on the type of the website. However there are several other factors that need to be considered when assessing the quality of a website mentioned below:

  • Accuracy

  • Comprehensive and value added content

  • How easy is it to use all the features

  • Reliability

  • Availability

  • Loading time of the website

  • Effective internal search

  • Grouping of elements

Thus it is important to make a list of factors that are measureable and easy to assess by creating a form of framework and assigning weight age to each factor. At the end of the day you will be left with a figure of some kind based on your weight age level you have assigned. Hence by using the four main points of the website quality assessment framework mentioned above it is possible to get the accurate measure of true quality of the website.

The four main factors being Content, Design, Organization and User Friendliness. There are factors that are assessed for the Content option like if the content is relevant and to the point and if it is accurate. Besides which it should also meet the right objective and have credibility.

The design factors that matter are how attractive is the website. The website may have made use of fancy graphics and media combination however it should also be appropriate; since otherwise there is no value of such elaborate effort. The other factors that also mater are the images , sounds, videos and content used at the right places.

The User Friendliness of the website includes the usability of the website. It is necessary that it is reliable and has several interactive features. Besides which it is necessary to check as to how interactive the website is. With the number of websites getting hacked on the rise it is vital to check the level of security of the website.

The general organization of the website matters and involves checking how it is indexed. It also involves checking for consistency, the links. Lastly it is also necessary to review the logo and the domain while assessing the quality of the website.

The verdict:

The World Wide Web has gone through many transformations over the years. It is now one of the main source of information, a unique business platform for a large number of businesses and industries, including financial, educational ,transport, communication to name a few. With an increase in demand for new and better website there are also more number of web development agencies.

It is thus necessary to use a quality assessment check to determine the true quality of your website. With a high level of competition there are many factors affecting the success of your website and it all usually revolves around the quality level of your website.

It has become hard to gauge the quality of the website since there are simply too many factors to consider. However performing a quality assessment of your website which involves a comprehensive check and provides you an accurate picture of the true state of your website.

Alakmalak delivering good quality websites:

Alakmalak is a web development firm that offers a great many web related services. Having developed more than 2000 website for clients from all across the globe they are well established and quite confident at what they do.

Besides having the technical abilities which they have proved time after time (or should I say launch after launch), they also possess the true art of creating a website. As discussed throughout this article it is one thing to possess the right set of technical skills to make a website; but it is another thing to be able to understand how to develop a website that will be accepted and popular.

At the end of the day the website is being built for the visitors and hence it is a good idea have some knowledge of the characteristics of your visitors. A quick example being that with more number of Internet users using mobile devices to access the internet it is essential that your website be equally presentable and functionally sound on the mobile platform.

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