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How to Add Static Menu Item In WordPress?

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Almost all websites have some sort of navigation in the form of a menu. In fact proper placement of navigation is vital for the general usability of the website.

The visitors to your website will intuitively look for some sort of navigation once their website loads. There are a few things common to almost all websites and that is a good header on each page that consists of the name of the company (or logo) along with the navigation section to allow the visitors to navigate to other pages.

Besides having a good menu on your website with links to many sub pages; there is often the requirement to have menu items that do nothing, like static menu items. i.e.  if you have several options of similar kind you tend to group them under one category and one menu item as sub menu items. In this case the main menu item need not have a link but is merely present as Menu heading for the inner sub menu items.

In such cases you need to add a static menu item. Adding a static menu item to you menu is similar to adding a normal menu item as well. You simply need to follow the steps mentioned below in order to do so.

  • To start with login to the admin section and login in.

  • Now navigate to the admin menu and go to Appearances >> Menus.

  • Focus on your existing menu and select the menu item that you want to make static. To start with you will need to delete this item.

  • Now in the custom links add a new external menu item and place ‘#’ as the URL and place the  name of the menu item in the label column.

  • Now save the menu and refresh the browser and you will find it as per your liking.

WordPress is a very easy open source software due to its very good user interface. This allows people with little and almost no knowledge of programming code to make and setup their own websites.

Many parts are easy like installation of the main WordPress website, installation of custom ready made templates; as well it is easy to install plugins for added functionality.

Although, if you do require a customized template for a large website, then you are better off hiring a professional WordPress web developers to do the job.

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  • How to add Static menu item in WordPress

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