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How to Add Post Password Protection in WordPress Site?

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WordPress is a popular blogger software as well as a content management solution. It has many different applications due to its versatility, including a simple blog, a feature rich CMS, an informational site with a gallery or event list, even a shopping cart that accepts payment. The list is endless but you get the message. There are innumerable possibilities.

How to Add Post Password Protection in WordPress Site?

One less known and used feature is the ability to password protect individual ‘posts’. This is very useful if you have a website where some pages can be accessed only on the payment of full membership or subscription for example. Thus if you do have such a website and need to prevent access to the paid (full member areas) of the website, then it become essential to password protect the page.

It is possible to password protect your post via a password in WordPress. This can be achieved in the following manner.

1. First login to the admin section of your WordPress installation and navigate to the ‘post’ that you need to password protect; alternatively you can also create a new ‘post’.

2. You will notice a ‘Publish’ box on the right hand side of the screen, hit the edit button.

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4. Here several options will appear, the one you need to select is ‘Password Protected’.

5. Now enter the desired password and save the post by clicking on the update button.

This will ensure that the page is now not visible to everyone. Instead all the user will be prompted for a password when they navigate to that page and only the people who possess the password will be able to access it.

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