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How PHP and OOPs concepts meet the perfect match with Laravel Framework

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How PHP and OOPs concepts meet the perfect match with Laravel Framework

Laravel is a popular PHP framework that is free and developed as an open-source framework.

Laravel implements Object-oriented concepts with the help of the basic OOPS features in PHP. Here is a list of features that shows how Laravel implements them:

Laravel implements the MVC (Model View Controller) framework. The ‘Model’ component is designed to communicate with the database. This helps us create a database access abstraction layer.

The ‘Controller’ component is designed to be used for business logic. Hence all the logic related to how the calculations or features are implemented resides here. Developing this way encouraging the implementation of OOPs concepts of code reuse and modules.

Laravel implements the Blade template engine which makes it easy for the Laravel Developer to separate the business logic and database from the view element (theme or layout) of the website. Thus it is possible to implement object-oriented concepts while designing the layout. This makes it easy to modify the layout or install a new one.

PHP offers several objected oriented programming tools and features. It allows the database to be handled in OOPS style by providing an abstraction layer (PDO).

PHP has several good features like accessing databases via PDO, the ability to traverse files of XML files via SimpleXML. It also allows the use of date and time features.

Laravel implements many good PHP features in the framework.

Laravel implements the ‘Name Spacing’ feature in its framework. There are several frameworks that implement the routing via the composer through autoloading. However, Laravel has now chosen to implement the PSR-4 route and make use of the objected-oriented feature ‘Name Spacing.

Laravel implements the Eloquent ORM which is an objected-oriented mapping of sorts to provide database access. This is an advanced PHP implementation of the active record pattern.

Laravel also provides a ‘Query Builder’ that makes it possible to access the database in a more direct method.

Among the other feature provided by Laravel, there is database seeding, unit testing, automatic pagination, etc.

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