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How much does it cost for search engine optimization for Product / Service based website?



Search engine optimization is a popular term used in the world of web development and for website owners. Every website owner prefers that they have a lot of traffic on their website and that too the right kind of traffic so that they have more number of visitors converting into customers.

In general it is found that the cost for search engine optimization of an ecommerce website is higher than that of any other type of website like an informative website. But that is not all, the cost of SEO continues to climb as the size of the shopping cart increase.

Understanding what it takes to be on the top

  • The cost of anything usually does reflect its quality. This is a generalization that has been widely noticed and is true most of the times. The fact of the matter is that SEO is a professional service and it does require technical knowledge as well as some digital marketing skills. When it comes to a website; there are many kinds of websites and depending on their keyword requirements and SEO strategy the effort for each varies. Hence the cost follows suit too.
  • For example if you have a website for your Holiday Cottage at Niagara Falls the obvious search keywords that you expect from potential visitors are holiday cottage Niagara, short break Niagara, etc.
  • The SEO team you select would then work and do their magic to make sure these keywords get list your website among the top few on the search engine listing. On the other hand if you have ecommerce website development with several products to offer or a service of some kind, you will expect the potential customers to be searching by the name of the product or service they require.
  • There may be a few who do perform a search to list the ecommerce websites, however that is not very common. For example if a customer is searching for a watch and has a brand preference, then they will search for exactly that. Like ‘Casio G-Shock Solar Watch’. Considering the average ecommerce website can have a lot of products the SEO for such a website can get more complicated and require additional effort. This will also reflect on the cost.

So what does it cost?

The cost of the SEO services tend to differ depending on the nature of the company. For example for a company like Dell the SEO bill is likely to be in hundreds of thousands if not more for the broad range of SEO services and that they are like to be involved in.

On the other hand for your average restaurant the SEO solution may not be that complicated and hence be cheaper. On quick way of doing this is simply getting listed on Google Maps and to create Yelp profile.

These being extreme cases there are several factors that will affect the cost of SEO for your ecommerce website as listed here:

  • Is it a one-time SEO service requirement?
  • The size of the ecommerce website (number of products / services)
  • Target Market/Audience

Besides considering the factors mentioned above you also need to decide how detailed and concentrated you require the SEO to be. When it comes to selecting the right SEO plan you will need to check the many packages provided by the Web Development firm. The common types of SEO packages are listed here:

  • Monthly Retainers
  • Project Pricing
  • Hourly

Choosing Alakmalak for your SEO needs:

  • Digital Marketing Services is here to stay and it is something you cannot ignore as a website owner.
  • Alakmalak is one firm that provides the full range of Digital Marketing services and has a great deal of experience doing so as well. Besides being a successful Web Development company with more than 2000 projects from clients all across the globe they have also been providing SEO services since the same amount of time. Thus by opting for Alakmalak for your SEO requirements you are getting a lot more than you can imagine.

  • How much does SEO Cost for Product / Service based website
Rushik Shah 18 December , 2014

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