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How mobile friendly responsive design helps ?

Responsive Website Design

Responsive Website Design

Midway through the year and almost all the predictions about the year 2015 have come true. One important and more relevant prediction being that the total number of mobile internet users will increase and be higher than that on any other platform has come true. The recent statistics clearly show that there are more mobile phone Internet users than on any other platform.

This has influenced the new website design in a very big way. A great many of the website being developed so far were using the responsive design. However as predicted a larger number of businesses were opting for the responsive design this year. The reasons are quite simple and almost every survey and statistical report on Mobile device usage suggests the same.

Here are some statistics to drive nail in:

  • Over 62% of the mobile phone users have used their phones to check online health related websites or apps.

  • More than 50% use their phones for mobile banking

  • As far as real estate, government information and job sector is concerned, more than 40% use their mobile phones to do that.

  • Approximately 30% use it for educational content.

These are real world statistics that means just one thing. That is that the general trend of Internet usage is “via a mobile device”.

Responsive design:

Responsive design is a good option when it comes to website design. Websites designed using responsive design are usually viewable on just about any platform like the desktop pc, a tablet and any other small portable mobile device like a mobile phone. However simply making it responsive will not reap good results. Making it responsive is just a technique, however you will still require a good website design which captures the imagination of the visitors.

Any website design should always consider the basics like navigation, ease of use, be intuitive and be relevant. Besides which it is usually also necessary to make sure the visitor can figure out what the website is all about from the first page itself. These basic website design apply to any website, including a responsive website design.

Real world benefits of responsive website design:

Responsive website design highly beneficial to almost every business. In the past we have seen the Walmart Canada website being redesigned to become a responsive website. They have since reported a 20% increase in their conversion rates and boost in the ecommerce sales. Even the Microsoft website for One Drive was recently redesigned to make it responsive.

The website for Regent college was redesigned to make it responsive and they reported a 99% increase in unique visitors as well as a 63% increase in online applications.

Alakmalak can lead the way:

Alakmalak is one firm that has been around since a very long time. Having developed more than 2000 websites for clients across the globe, they are a very experienced firm. They were quick to adapt the responsive web design in India and now have the necessary skills and experience to guide you through your responsive website redesign or development.

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  • How mobile friendly responsive design helps ?
  • the importance of responsive web design
  • why responsive design is important
Rushik Shah 24 June , 2015

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  • Federico Bilches

    I want to thank all Alakmalak team for take my project and help me to improve my website! Thank you for your responsibility and seriousness at the time to do corrections and improvements on my website and for always be in touch with me. Highly recommended! Great team! Great company! I'm very thankful Alakmalak!

  • Frank M. Cali
    Frank M. Cali.USA

    A few kinds words to say about Alakmalak programming and design. Working with these guys is always such a great relief. You know you are getting your stuff done right and usually always in a timely fashion. I’m a middle man for the most part And my clients are always happy with the end result.

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