How Can We Generate Revenue With Search Engine Optimization Strategy?

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There are several types of websites; the ones that generate revenue by selling products or services online (eCommerce websites) and the informational and other websites that do not generate revenue based on their content. Let us face it not all websites will be eCommerce websites. Hence the obvious question is, How to generate revenue from such a website?

What good is an SEO Strategy to generate revenue?

The general perception of SEO is that it is all about helping your website get a good page rank and be top on the list when a visitor searches on a search engine. This is true however, there is more to SEO than just the search engine ranking. Not every SEO firm may offer the service as well. SEO is all about preparing a strategy based on your goals, To do so it is essential to measure the performance of your existing website and SEO strategy if one exists.

Furthermore, it is essential to set the appropriate tracking points so that you can obtain the information you are looking for. The information will give a good idea of the behavior of your website visitors and hence enable you to develop a more efficient Search Engine Optimization Strategy with clear goals.

Online revenue models:

Once you do have the appropriate SEO tracking setup as previously mentioned it is possible to use the best revenue model and to set it up to suit you the best. Here are a few revenue models that can be set up based on your SEO analysis report.


  • Subscription access to content: The website can be set up such that the users can access a set of documents for a specific time; like 1 month or 1 year. For example access to the technology section of your website for either a monthly or annual subscription.
  • Pay Per View Access to documents: This is more of a pay-as-you-use kind of strategy. Here the user is required to pay each time they need to access a document, a video, or a music clip (even download). Such content is usually password protected and available on paying the appropriate amount.
  • CPM Display advertising on the Website: CPM (Cost per thousand) display advertising is where the website owner changes the advertiser based on the number of adverts it shows to the website visitors. A good example of this is Google AdSense.
  • CPC Advertising: CPC (Cost per Click) advertising is the form of advertising which depends on the number of clicks. In this case, a third-party site is often used to deliver the adverts, like Google AdSense Network.
  • Sponsorship of site sections or content type: At times a company may be interested in advertising a site channel or section. Such deals are usually done every year.
  • Affiliate Revenue: The affiliate revenue is more or less a commission-based revenue for displaying an item for a sale on another third-party website. For example, displaying a book for sale on Amazon and receiving a 5% commission for the sales.
  • Benefits of SEO –  Social Media Platforms posting makes good Online Reputation, Keyword Strategy targeted in High-Quality Content for Organic Search Traffic.
  • To get a good Conversion Rate your Organic Search Rankings should be good that provide a better User Experience to decrease the bounce rate.
  • Reputation Management for Digital businesses is very important. Search Engine Marketing Statistics can track by google analytics or Google Search Console.
  • Content Marketing and posting relevant content with Target Keywords on your website helps to get good leads.

Choosing Alakmalak for your SEO needs:

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  • How can we generate revenue with search engine optimization strategy?
  • process of getting the revenue in seo strategy

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