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How Can AMP Enabled Websites Help In Increasing Page Rank, Visits And Leads?

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For any online business to be successful, it is very important that its website is well organized, designed, and promoted online. All over the world organizations employ digital marketing experts to ensure their business is visible to the vast online audience and they’re able to generate good sales through the websites. Since smartphone users constitute a significant part of the online audience, it’s important to ensure you either maintain a separate mobile website – which is ideally not recommended – or make your website AMP compliant.

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Alakmalak AMP Service helps you to:

  • Get improved visibility in Google page results
  • Generate more sales and profit
  • Create brand loyalty

Today, Google has over 150 million AMP documents indexed in its repository. It’s important to understand how AMP works and get some insights into the process.

What is Google’s AMP project?

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. Google is all set to enhance the end-user experience by supporting webpage content that’ll load quickly on any type of mobile device. Users won’t have to wait for long durations and waste their bandwidth for entire webpages to load before they can view the contents.

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Special servers dedicated to serving AMP-enabled code will render JavaScript-free webpages to mobile browses so they can render the code directly and thereby decrease the loading time. Typically websites will have two versions for each of their webpages – the original version and AMP code enabled version.

To understand AMP, it is an ultra-lightweight version of a web page in which many code elements like cookies, third party tools code, non-optimized JavaScript code, etc. that typically cause a regular webpage to load slowly in the browser are stripped off, and in its place, a compact webpage code is sent directly to the mobile browser for rendering purposes. As a result, pages load lightning-fast in cellphone browsers which is great for mobile users who have a slow internet connection, or whose smartphone is not powerful enough (less RAM and slower pre-processors) to handle large pages.

How does AMP help in increasing leads, page visits, and page rank?

How does AMP help in increasing leads, page visits and page rank?

Accelerated mobile pages help to improve the mobile experience which is very essential for retaining visitors once they’ve landed on your mobile site. The longer a person stays on your page, the more likely he or she is to interact with the contents and respond to the CTA on the page. It leads to improved lead generation. Secondly, people are more likely to read AMPed pages as they appear in Google’s Quick Read Carousel and labeled as “AMP” in the SERP results. Users tend to favor the AMP version of pages since they’re sure the content will load fast and save time.

AMP helps to increase the page visits and improve the page rank over time. It also aids in increasing leads.

  • AMP carousel on SERP pages helps to generate greater web traffic
    Think about the efforts put in by the SEO guys to boost the page visibility in the search engine results. The higher a page is on Google’s SERP, the more exposure it will get and more people will engage with it. If your domain is new, it would typically take one or two months’ time to get your webpage contents and images properly cached by Google so you can enter the SERP race. Through aggressive promotions, and after several months of SEO efforts, depending upon the keyword competition levels you can hope to see your page in the top ten SERP pages.
    AMP pages get displayed in the carousel located at the top of SERP pages. This is an above-the-fold area where visitors are likely to glance first by default when the SERP page loads in the browser. This is the first and primary benefit of AMP. You don’t have to spend countless SEO hours to be in the carousel list – through concentrated and well-focused efforts you can gain direct visibility in the carousel. This can directly affect your webpage visits – they can increase dramatically!
  • Improved click-through-rates due to AMP label
    Just as a tag is displayed in front of mobile-friendly pages indicating that the page is mobile-friendly, accelerated mobile pages are prefixed with an “AMP” label and a circled lightning bolt icon appears before the page description in SERP. Users react more positively when they see the AMP label because they’re sure such pages will load quickly and save time. AMP-enabled websites and webpage help to save time and bandwidth.
  • Improve Ad performance
    Advertisements put on AMP pages actually fare much better as compared to putting them on traditional web pages. Research indicates AMP supported ads have 90% higher click-through-rates and eCPMs (effective cost per thousand impressions). This means you get huge benefits by displaying ads on AMP-enabled web pages.

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It’s imperative to design websites that are not just mobile-friendly but which actually load better on smart devices and help to improve end-user experience. Responsive website design India specializes in designing great AMP-enabled websites which can help you get more sales and generate higher profits for your organization.

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