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Has The Rise of Mobile Device racked Up The Website Design?

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The rise of mobile devices and the technologies incorporated into them has certainly taken the cake. People now do not have to turn on their PC or laptops and run the internet to check for the specific website. So does that mean mobile devices have racked up the website design, or we are still unaware of the importance of building websites?

Well, this blog will help you out in figuring this. Let us understand the significance of a website over mobile application.

  • A good navigation on your website can build or break business reputation. That manner in which the complexity of navigation is controlled on the website, could not be much better on the mobile. If you have noticed between a website and its mobile app, you would realize, only a few of the menus are placed on mobile. For example, TOI, visit the site and the mobile application, you will find a huge difference. The navigation and menus are placed in a safer manner.

  • Promoting a brand online requires a lot of reading material and informative stuff, such as blogs, articles, and etc, which cannot be done on mobile application and also there are a few topics and blogs which need a reserved place for the readers, such as a blog section on the website. SEO ensures people are aware of your new arrivals as well as existing products, which also includes the process of sending customers to the website.

  • If you are still not convince then you must know that to keep a backup and storage of daily data requires a promising server-web server. If your application is just informative and doesn’t concern doing business, then its ok, but application with the business purpose and those who need good amount content storage, a web server is a must.

  • Last but not the lease, people still feel to visit website to seek for more information if they have not found it on the mobile device, so you better keep an option open to start a website by just saving a server space.

Responsive webdesign

Responsive webdesign

How to save cost and money by building the both?:

Well few years ago, it was a tough question, but today there is an answer-By building a responsive website. A responsive website design uses a CSS stylesheet which compliments all types of screen size, and any device. A responsive web design is a boom for those who want to launch their business on multiple devices at a time in low cost.

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  • Has The Rise of Mobile Device racked Up The Website Design?

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