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Guide to removing ‘Powered by Joomla!’ from the footer

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A website made in Joomla is like that made in any other open source. In the sense it will consists of a footer which contains copyright information about the website. At the same time it will also contain the text ‘Powered by Joomla’. This is common for all websites made in Joomla and can easily be removed if required.

If we were to assume you were using Joomla 3. You simply need to login to the admin section of your Joomla website and navigate to the admin menu Extensions >> Modules. This will load a list of modules; one of which will be the Footer module. The text ‘Powered by joomla’ can be removed by simply disabling this module from the admin here. Once you refresh your website on the user side, you will notice that the footer text is removed.

The footer text dates back pretty to very long ago. To start with the websites used to be only text and no images and hence had no form or layout. In the sense they did not have a well defined header body and footer. It was with the advent of the standard of HTML that images and text layout formatting came into existence. This lead to a standard format for website. Thus now every website that made was expected to have a header along with some navigation, and body for content and a footer to end the website and contain information regarding the company along with the copyright information.

Thus a footer has now become common to most websites. In some websites the footer even consists of a menu or several widgets. These modules or widgets can be placed on footer from the admin section itself. Joomla is fairly simple to configure as you may have already got first experience doing so by now. It is quite easy to install and configure you website. It is even easy to change the template by simply getting one online and installing it via the user friendly interface provided by Joomla. However if you do require a customized website with a custom design you may need to hire a professional Joomla web developer for the job. Alakmalak is one such company that is involved in Joomla web development.

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