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8 outstanding ways in which Google Analytics can help UI/UX design

Website Design

As a web designer or developer your primary focus is on creating a website that gives the
best user experience. You must make use of Google Analytics to get a better idea about the user behaviour on the websites so that you can create the website accordingly.

Google Analytics

In Google Analytics you can use events to identify user interactions on specific parts of your website:
It is possible to check actions on the website. That is, you can check the form submissions, clicks etc with the help of a Google Analytics events which helps you to check the user interactions on certain parts of the website. Just make sure that you add the correct code for the same.

Standard pageview tracking for starters:
In Google you are getting by default a standard pageview tracking code. With this you can
determine certain details about the user, the navigation by the user etc. You will get to
know the path taken by the user on the website, the technology that they have user etc.

What features your users are grinding:
For smooth user experience micro-interactions are very important. In the case of Google
analytics events stand for the action that the user is taking. Every event has 4 properties
that is category, action, label and values.

It is possible to determine how far users scroll down the page with scroll tracking events:
Are you interested in scroll tracking? Then even that is possible with Google Analytics. For
this you have to use the Google Analytics event code once a certain element appears in the view port. You can also make use of Google Tag manager scroll tracking. This aspect helps you understand to what extent the users are willing to scroll down the page

Find out where users get stuck or other pain points on the website with the help of
Behaviour flow:
With the help of the behaviour flow report you can determine many different things. Like
how the user arrived at the website. You can also check what actions he has taken before
leaving the website. This helps you understand where the user is getting stuck.

Discover the kinds of user behaviour that lead to conversions and which actions don’t:
At the end of the day the main objective of any website is to get leads and conversions
which will add to the ROI. With the help of the data generated from Google Analytics it is
possible to get a fair idea about the conversions.

It is possible to get an estimation of how much time they actually spend on your website:

With Google Analytics it is possible for you to know how much time the user has spent on
the website. Once you install the Google Analytics pageview tag you get the average session duration metric which can help you determine this aspect. But at times it may not be accurate.

Tracing of funnels steps and its magic:
To get the details about sensitive data. In the case of Google Analytics, the goal is the
objective of the website. The funnels will be predetermined steps that you will use to
achieve your goals.

Google Analytics is one of the most powerful tools and you can use its amazing features to create a user-friendly website.

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Rushik Shah 18 January , 2021

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