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How to Edit Footer Links and Copyright Notification?

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PrestaShop is a free open source ecommerce platform to develop an ecommerce website. It has come a long way since it released in 2007. It is free to use and modify as well hence it is possible to customize the PrestaShop and even distribute it. PrestaShop is one shopping cart or e-commerce software that has almost everything.

It has a lot of features that will leave you awe inspired. There are several e-commerce softwares around and most include only the basic e-commerce platform in their installation. But that is not the case with PrestaShop, PrestaShop is different, it not only includes the basic modules but also includes the more advanced modules as a default feature and that is one of the major selling points of PrestaShop.

Since PrestaShop can be customized many people do so in many different ways. Besides being customized PrestaShop can also be have a custom theme or layout to suit the various different designs or layout that you require. There are many PrestaShop installation out there and for each one to be different on should have a different theme. There are many ways of opting for a custom theme.

It is possible to select a ready made theme from one of the many online website offering the same or you could even get one custom made as per your requirements. It is possible to hire a PrestaShop developer to install the theme and integrate the necessary features as per the requirements. The themes developed are usually in HTML and requires the expertise of an experience PrestaShop developer to integrate the design created with the existing PrestaShop installation resulting in wonderful e-commerce website. The custom theme usually includes the header and footer design of your choice.

The PrestaShop developer is capable of programmatically changing the footer to suit your requirements. In spite of that if you do require to change the footer of your PrestaShop e-commerce website you will need to make changes to the file directly since this is something that cannot be done via the admin panel section.

To make changes to the footer links or the copyright information you need to load the website via FTP and download the file located in the folder mentioned below:


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Edit PrestaShop Installation Code

But where the modules folder is located depends on the theme you are using. For example if you are using the default PrestaShop module then the modules folder is located in the directory mentioned below:

However if you are using a custom theme it is likely that this file is located in your specific theme folder.

It is possible to change the footer links and copyright information by making changes to the content of this file. Once the changes have been made you need to upload the file back to the server.

This can be slightly tricky and is best left for the professional PrestaShop developer to do. Alakmalak offers PrestaShop website development and has been doing so since a while.

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