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The Most Incredible Article about Features of Node Js You’ll Ever Read

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Node. js has grown in popularity over the last four years and will continue to
do so in 2021. It is preferred by startups all over the world over other

After reading this blog you will get a crystal clear idea that how you can use it
for your benefit. But first, it’s important to showcase an outline of Node JS, to
get little familiarity.

Brief Overview about Node JS
Node. js is a framework for quickly creating easy and scalable network apps
based on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime. Node. js is lightweight and efficient
thanks to its event-driven, non-blocking I/O architecture, which is ideal for
data-intensive real-time applications that run through many platforms.

Multithreaded applications are powerful because of their non-blocking
architecture. Since Node.js is non-blocking, all operations are assigned to the
event loop and are executed by multiple threads. The run-time of Node.js
takes care of this. Many processes can be forked in Node.js (which are
executed on different cores).

Node.js is a cross-platform programming language that runs on Windows, Mac
OS X, and Linux. Many members of the Node.js community write their code on
OSX before deploying it to Linux servers. Since OSX and Linux are UNIX-based,
this usually works. Windows is a first-class supporter in Node.js. Make sure to include Windows when you count other platforms.

V8 new version
The latest release of V8 comes with a new Node, as is expected. We’re seeing
three new features this time:
First- This is a related concept to Promise. any. The resolution, on the other
the hand is a little different.
Second – It is error accumulation. AggregateError is a new error class
introduced in V8.6. It needs a collection of errors.

Third – It is String.prototype.replaceAll support. It’s all about replacing all
instances of a certain string or pattern, as the name implies.

Single-Threaded yet Highly Scalable
For event circling, Node.js uses a single-string model. The response to these
events could potentially reach the server easily. In either case, various tasks
are not pieced together. As a result, Node.js becomes extremely adaptable.

Unhandled rejections change
When an error is thrown in a normal synchronous flow, Node.js closes the
operation. When it comes to asynchronous processes, though, it’s a
completely different scenario.
We had to install two critical event handlers – uncaughtException and
unhandled rejection – to protect our applications for years.
The handling of unhandled pledge rejections has been greatly improved in
Node 15. From warning to throw, the default mode has been changed.

Asynchronous event-driven IO helps concurrent request handling
Node.js APIs are all offbeat. This component specifies that if a Node receives a
request for an Input/Output operation, it will perform that task invisibly
when planning other solicitations. As a result, it will not wait for the results of
previous solicitations.

Build Vs. Compile = Significantly Faster Development Environment
If you’re a developer who loves to test their code as they go, seeing the code
run in under a second vs. 30 seconds or more and Java comparable
scale systems is a game-changer in terms of delivery time.

Node + Web Assembly = <3
Web assembly is gradually gaining traction. More and more Node plugins, as
well as Node itself, are playing with this language. We obtained access to the
experimental Web Assembly System Interface (WASI) with the introduction of
Node 15.

The key goal here is to make it easy for us to navigate the underlying
operating system.

Node.js is a fantastic platform for creating JavaScript server-side web apps.
NodeJS is constantly improving and extending its capabilities. It’s easy to learn
to use while being capable of doing today’s web creation activities. It’s a low-
cost, a low-resource framework for developing websites, web/mobile
integration APIs, and standalone applications.


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