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Know About the Features of PHP Laravel That Make It the Best Framework

Laravel Web Development

To understand the reason behind the popularity of PHP Laravel, you have to know about
the framework in detail.  PHP is an old and one of the most popular languages for web development.

Laravel is an open-source framework suitable for large and dynamic applications. It was created as an alternative to the CodeIgniter framework and is an advanced version. The architectural patterns of Laravel are based on Symfony.

There are a lot of informative blogs and forums for getting expert opinions for hassle-free
coding processes. There is community support for solving programming problems.
Laravel has certain features that increase its demand for developing a range of web apps,
starting from smaller ones to enterprise-level apps.

Features of PHP Laravel: 
The inbuilt and lightweight templates help in the creation of excellent layouts. The designs
are innovative and consist of different sections. There are also multiple widgets that use
JavaScript and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) codes with dynamic structures.

Built-In Command Line Tool Called Artisan
Artisan deals in carrying out difficult and repetitive programming tasks. Most developers
avoid the manual performance of these tasks. Artisan can be used to create commands by
developers, the structure of the database, skeleton code, and basic MVC (Model-view-
controller) files. It can manage both the files and their configurations. It also manages
migration and is fairly easy to use.

ORM (object-relational mapping)
The Eloquent ORM works faster than other PHP frameworks, and its implementation is
easy. It consists of a simple PHP Active Record implementation. With the help of ORM, app developers can use PHP syntax instead of SQL codes.

Object-Oriented Libraries and Pre-Installed Libraries

The libraries are unique features of Laravel. There is an Authentication library that is
simple and consists of features like encryption, password reset, checking active users,
Bcrypt hashing, and CSRF (Cross-site Request Forgery) protection.
There are individual modules that are helpful for developers in creating responsive,
modular, and easy-to-use web apps.

MVC Architecture
MVC supports the improvement of performance and documentation, consists of multiple
built-in functions, and leads to clarity and separate layers for presentation and logic.
It increases security features and scalability.

System of Database Migration
This system facilitates expanding the database structure of the web apps. There is no need to recreate if any change is made. There is less risk of data loss.
PHP code can be used instead of SQL. The Laravel Schema Builder helps in the quick
creation of database tables and the insertion of columns and indices.

Facilitates Unit Testing

Laravel can run multiple tests to ensure that there is no breakdown in the web app if the
programmers introduce any new change. For the organizational purpose, Laravel functions in a stable way as it is aware of the common problems. The unit tests for its code are easy to write.

Offers Very Strong Web Application Security
Security is an important factor while developing web applications. The programmers have
to devise an efficient security system.  Laravel avoids plain text in passwords to secure the databases and uses hashes to create encrypted passwords. The technique used is known as Bcrypt Hashing Algorithm. The use of SQL statements ensures the prevention of injection attacks.

The features of Laravel are convenient for both software developers and organizations. The well-designed toolbox helps in writing an error-free and minimum number of codes. The shortcuts used for programming tasks make them easy to maintain and simple to use.
Developers prefer Laravel for its uniqueness and classic architecture. They can design customized infrastructures suitable for their apps and increase their productivity and

Organizations can connect with the PHP web development companies for developing their web application projects on the Laravel framework.

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