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Favicon with Joomla

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Favicon with Joomla

  • Favicon actually means your favorites icon. There are very few of us who actually know that. It is the icon that appears in your browsers favorites menu when you bookmark a website.
  • Though not all browsers have the ability to store the favicon as the favorite icon, most of the modern ones do.
  • This is the icon that appears near the address bar and on your browser when you load the website.
  • It also has the effect of giving you website that professional touch.
  • It acts as a branding image that visitors can recognize very easily. In fact they are most likely to see to icon and detect the website rather than the URL.
  • You may have noticed that Joomla websites usually do have a favicon. But this is usually the default favicon that is installed by Joomla itself.
  • It is usually the logo for Joomla itself. You may even often wondered as to how you can change the icon without much success.
  • It isn’t really very hard to do so; it just takes some basic graphics skills and the ability to do some minor tweaks to your Joomla website.
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There are many different methods of creating a favicon. You can use one of the many open source graphics software available for your computer. Alternatively you also have the option of creating a favicon by going to the website


  • With the website you can simply import an existing image. This image may be your logo file in any format to convert to a favicon.
  • The favicon is usually a small version of your logo for the purpose of branding.
  • Once uploaded you need to hit the download button to generate an image (favicon) by the name favicon.ico on to your computer.
  • Now simply open up our website via FTP. Login to the FTP server and navigate to your template directory.
  • Now overwrite the existing favicon.ico file with the new one that you just created.
  • Now refresh your browser and check if the favicon has changed.
  • If it is still the same don’t be alarmed, it probably means you just need to wait for a while or clear your browser cache or just refresh your browser a couple of times. Alternatively you could use another browser to view your Joomla website to make sure it has changed.
  • Tasks like changing the favicon is a fairly simple one since it doesn’t require any programming skills of any kind, although it does require the use of the FTP software. The FTP software needs to be used by caution too. For those using it for the first, they need to make sure that they don’t disturb any other file on the website.It is important to navigate to the correct directory and make sure you do not accidentally move or delete any other file.
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  • That said that are many other tasks in Joomla that do require some basic programming knowledge. It may be possible to accomplish such tasks by following instructions but if something were to go wrong it could mess up your website. Thus such tasks are best left to the professional Joomla web developer. Alakmalak is one such Joomla Web Development service provider.

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