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How to Extract Files From Windows OS?

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WordPress is a popular open source blogging software which is free to download. IT has a very good content editor hence WordPress can also be implemented as a content management system. It uses PHP and MySQL as the main technologies.

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Often while making a website there is need to extract files. Especially while making a WordPress website.

The main source files for WordPress are available to download in a compressed format; hence need to be extracted first before uploading to the Web server or using offline.

WordPress is easy to use hence it is possible for a non programmer to their own website and theme as well. Few people like the default theme provided by WordPress and tend to replace it with a theme found or purchased online on the Internet. These theme files are also delivered in compressed format as are plugins that you’re sometimes utilize for enhancing the functionality of the website.

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Thus the default compressed file extractor tool from Windows come in hand at these times. It is possible to extract your files using this basic tool.

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However if you do require more convenience or ease of use; it is possible to use 3rd tools to do the job. Tools like winzip, winrar or zip genius are available and have a good interface and are even integrated along with the windows explorer. All you need to do is right click the compressed file and choose from the various options to extract the file.

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  • How to Extract Files From Windows OS?

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