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Expand your Online Business with the Great Site Builder Tool PrestaShop

PrestaShop Web Development

Being an e-commerce merchant, you will always be looking out for ways to increase your revenue and optimize the profits. This is exactly where the PrestaShop comes into play. PrestaShop is an efficient and innovative e-commerce solution having all the features that help you create an online store and run your business successfully. It is one of the most popular Open Source solutions in the e-commerce market used throughout the world.

Presta Shop Web Development

PrestaShop’s e-commerce platform gives you options for e-commerce themes that you can select for your online store. It offers innovative built-in features that are sure to boost your sales and run your e-commerce business successfully.

  1. Add all Types of Products to your E-commerce Store

Start selling and grow quickly with the help of the PrestaShop e-commerce platform. Run all types of digital, downloadable, or bundled products by adding variants and giving deeper descriptions for them. You can also promote your products by making use of features regarding SEO, sales date, and so on. Everything is available in the toolbar under the product title.

  1. Design your Storefront

Customize your store with a professional design in just a few clicks with the PrestaShop templates. It consists of a standard theme that helps you start quickly. Their e-commerce templates help you to design a beautiful online store that is sure to drive in customers. Having their ready-to-use themes, it ensures to boost conversions with recognizable designs that match your products and customer expectations.

  1. Configure the Store

PrestaShop is loaded up with a large range of features that help to configure your store more quickly and efficiently. It provides you with an easy method to add carriers that are shown as shipping methods for your products. It also enables you to add payment modules that offer a secured payment ideal to the customers, whereby it offers maximum dimensions of the product payments. Its advanced parameters enable you to manage things like caching, SQL, users, and other more developer-friendly modules.

  1. Fulfill your Orders

PrestaShop’s Order Preparation module has advanced features that will enable you to fulfill picking, packing, and shipping orders of the sold items using a barcode scanner, making the task easier. The order picking tool enables you to easily optimize the shipping time by reducing any risks of error during shipping.

  1. Multi-lingual E-commerce Platform

PrestaShop is a multi-lingual e-commerce platform that has no language barrier. It lets you translate into many different languages, ensuring you target a large number of customers throughout the world.


Compared to the other e-commerce development platform like Magento and Drupal, this PrestaShop E-commerce platform is easy to install and needs less money and time. It regularly releases new updates to aid the store owners to get the maximum out of their online business. It guarantees high security, smooth work, and a bug-free experience to work with it. So, launch your online store right now with the PrestaShop E-commerce software and gear towards boosting your online sale.

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Rushik Shah 04 June , 2020

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