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Editing the read-more link in a custom HTML module of Joomla

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Joomla is an open source software which has something to do with PHP. It has in fact been made using the programming language PHP. Hence if you are aware of this language and are capable of coding in using PHP you should have no problems what so ever. On the other hand if you are not so IT savvy and need some help developing your website then it is best that your hire a professional web developer to do the job.

With Joomla the possibilities are endless. You can do make just about any kind of website using Joomla. It can be used to make a simple blog or a full-fledged content management system or even an ecommerce website.

With the advent of the internet age many viewers now view the website on their mobiles and hence the screen is getting smaller. Thus the website that you design or select needs to adapt to many new factors. To make it easier for the mobile users and even the impatient desktop users who want to know all about the website in a single glance it is a good idea to have short excerpts of content on your website instead of having long paragraphs of details content that many users find useless in the first place.

One thing the users hate is having to read an entire page of content just to realise that they should have been reading the next section to get the information they required. Thus by placing short excerpts of content on your page it makes it possible for the visitors to quickly scan the few links to figure out which section they should be reading and navigate themselves quickly and smoothly without wasting valuable time and bandwidth.

This article goes on to describe as to how it is possible to place such short content on your website and linking it to the main content area. It is highly important to place the link to the main content along with the excerpt so that the user can find his way easily.

Simply follow the instructions mentioned here to add an internal link to a read-more button in a custom HTML module.

  • To start with load the administrative section of the website in your browser ad login.

Joomla Administration

  • Once logged in navigate from the admin menu to Extensions >> Module Manager and select the module in the list.

Joomla Module Manager

  • Now load the page that you want to link to in a different browser tab and copy the link (URL).
  • Place an internal link in site the Custom HTML section along with the link of your page and save it.
  • That it your are all set to go.

  • How to edit the read-more link in a custom HTML module of Joomla
  • the process of editing the read-more link in a custom HTML module of Joomla

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