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ecommerce web development

eCommerce development trends that are likely to around for a while

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eCommerce development trends that are likely to around for a while

There have been many eCommerce development trends over the years, especially in this COVID-19 pandemic. With new trends popping up every year and old one resurfacing there is no set trend. However, there are a few ecommerce development trends that have been popular for a while.

Here is a list of the popular ecommerce development trends:

  • Mobile first design:

Mobile is the future of ecommerce as higher percentage of visitors now use their mobile devices to access the internet and make purchases. Hence it is essential to consider the mobile phone users when developing a website. From implementing responsive design to providing several features to enhance browsing experience on a mobile device, all is required to stay on top in this competitive world of ecommerce industry.

  • Tablet ecommerce:

There has been a steady increase in the tablet users and tablet based ecommerce. Since tablet have a larger screen they are likely to rapidly grow in popularity and even surpass the mobile users when it comes to number of ecommerce website visitors. Thus the trend to optimise the website for a good online experience on a Tablet is gathering speed a well.

  • Giving more importance to visitors not visits:

When it comes to analysis of the website usage it is a good idea to give more importance to the visitor or online customers visiting the website rather than analysing the number of visits achieved. By doing so, it is possible to provide the visitors and current customers with a more personalized experience, thus improving the chances of converting them into potential customers.

  • Content with Commerce:

More number of website are now combining rich content and mobile commerce to create websites on online platforms that offer good user experience by being both informative and offering ecommerce services. Thus, eventually helping in increasing the conversion rates.

  • Wearables:

The wearables are gaining in popularity and hence it is essential for the ecommerce business to take this platform into consideration as well to stay ahead of the competition.

  • Flexible Payment Options:

Ecommerce Platforms allow the digital strategy of making flexible mobile payments while online shopping, making it easy for the users to make online purchases at their suitable time.

  • Popup:

Popups on ecommerce site were a nuance for online shopping experience and internet users used to search for every possible method to avoid them. However, the popups are gaining in popularity with fancy designs and more efficient usage.

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