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E-Commerce Development With Magento – Using Angular JS

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Magento is an open source software that can be used to develop eCommerce websites.Magento has several versions, one of which is free. The others versions include the self-hosted version and the cloud computing option.

E-Commerce Development With Magento - Using Angular JS

Why Use Angular JS With Magento?

Since Magento got to the top, many other eCommerce software has started to get popular. For example, Shopify is an eCommerce company that provides an API platform and an App Store. This allows you to create eCommerce websites that can be integrated with the Shopify platform. In recent times Shopify has increased in popularity and is eating away Magneto’s lead.
Angular JS is a JavaScript based open source software that is used for front end web application development. The Magento framework does lack some features if it were to be compared with Shopify however if you combine Angular JS with Magento, this makes for a state of the art eCommerce shopping platform.

Integrating Angular JS With Magento

Both Angular JS and Magento are one the best platforms available. While Angular JS is a powerful JavaScript MVC platform that can be used to develop a good interface, Magento is a leading eCommerce open source software. Hence integrating the two makes a robust eCommerce platform that is highly efficient.

Manually Configure

There are many ways in which the two can be integrated. This can be done by downloading the Angular JS library and placing it in the Magento frontend directory. This may require the help of a skilled Magento Web developer. There are not likely to be many changes to logic part of the Magento website code. Essentially only the template structure of Magento is modified when using Angular JS.


It is also possible to develop your robust eCommerce platform using the REST API. The way it works is that the Angular JS framework is used for the front end. Magento is used as the backend to handles all the business logic, the administrative panel and handle the orders placed, payments received and delivery of the products. REST API is used to connect Angular JS (frontend) with the business logic (Magento).

Magento on Angular (MOA)

MOA (Magento on Angular) is one of the most robust eCommerce platforms that are highly efficient. MOA is the most popular eCommerce platform, Magento coupled with the best JavaScript platform Angular JS. Besides which it has all the features of node JS and the Laravel framework. The way MOA works is that instead of using the REST API, it uses a custom API developed using Laravel to integrate Magento with Angular JS. Node.js adds to the mix with several features like the lazy loading feature to deliver data that is cached.

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