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E-business shopping cart

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E-business shopping cart

The words e-business and e-commerce actually mean different. However, the difference is often blurred and at times the words are used interchangeably.

Almost all of us are familiar with the world ecommerce. The word ecommerce is more to do with direct interaction with the customers, suppliers and other business relations. This includes sales, marketing, customer services as well delivery.

E-business has a broader meaning and in many was it can be said that e-commerce is the subset of e-business. The fact is that e-business includes e-commerce, but does not stop just there. It extends beyond that to include production, inventory management, product development, risk management, human resource, finance and more

Advantages of an e-business

  • Online shopping has taken off in a big way and is almost second nature for many.
  • The number of people that are prepared to make purchases online has increased by leaps and bounds and is continuously increasing.
  • Buying online gives the customers more flexibility when it comes to making the payment. Some of the popular payment methods include Paypal, Google Checkout besides the more traditional one’s line Credit Card or Cash on Delivery.
  • Buying online makes it easier to keep track of your purchases. Right from the moment you purchase it, to tracking the delivery and for later reference on future purchases.
  • It makes it easier for the business to manage their products. An ecommerce website is quite interactive with lots of data being generated. The analysis of this data provides answers to several product stock related questions and helps maximize the production or stocking of the business.

How to go from brick store to online business

A brick and motar store is a well-established place of business, especially for the retail industry. However, the boom in the world of online shopping makes it hard for just about any business to ignore the lucrative online business. The statistics collected online during surveys conducted paint a pretty picture:

  • Online sales worldwide in 2015 was 1700 billion US dollars.
  • This figure was at 1058 Billion US Dollars in 2012.
  • Furthermore, the same figure is at 1972 billion US dollars in 2016 and we are not even half way through the year 2016.


This is the reason why it is now easier to establish an online business or shopping cart. Here are a few tips (steps) to help you get started:

  • Choosing the right shopping cart platform is very important. This can be made easier by having a clear picture of your immediate requirements and future goals.
  • Every ecommerce store needs to have a unique identity and individuality. Doing this online is harder however, it can be made simpler by basing the design on the brick store itself. It is essential that the store design promotes the brand image.
  • With the ever developing pace of technology, it is easier to sync your stock and accounting data between your online and offline stores. Thus, this makes managing the business easier.
  • Shifting to an online business or adding an online store to your business, opens a new avenue for marketing. The online world of marketing is massive, effective and faster too.

Ecommerce Development with Alakmalak

Alakmalak is a Web Development firm that has successfully completed more than 2000 projects. They are experts at ecommerce website development too. It is always advantageous for a business to have an online presence. For a retail business an online store can boost their business in a big way. However, even maintaining an online catalogue can do wonders.

The advantage of selecting Alakmalak for your mobile app development needs is that they are involved in providing services for several technologies. Hence there are plenty of resources for every project taken up and at any point of time, to make sure of timely delivery of project.

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