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Designing with a performance constraint

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The importance of the first positive impression is often under rated. Nothing makes a bigger impact than the first impression. The web developers india and business owners are aware of this but many of them still get it wrong. There is often some oversight or blemish that they failed to spot which has the potential to ruin the impression of the entire website. These can be design flaws, failure of the functionality, content issues or in general not delivering what was promised.

Hence it is a advantageous to set some rules and formats that restrict the web site designers from going wrong in the first place. Thus a few important guidelines to design the website as per the requirements of the client and the current trends is sure to improve the performance of a website.

What do the Statistics tell us?

It is amazing what a few studies can tells us in the form of statistics. The results of the studies conducted are mentioned here for the web designers as well as the business owners to realize the extent of damage their choices can do and to encourage good practices.

  • 57% of the online consumers will abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds for a page to load.
  • 80% of these online consumers will never return to that website.
  • 50% of those (57% online consumers) will share their bad experience on either social media or by word of mouth.

There are some interesting statistics as far as the loading time of the website is concerned. It is quite clear from the statistics above that a few bad design decisions can make a very big difference in this highly competitive online community.

The Mobile Website factor

I’ll start by stating the obvious that the mobile users are different from the PC users when it comes to where they are operating the device. The mobiles can effectively use their device just about anywhere like in the Bus, while out for a walk, on the train, etc. The important characteristic of mobiles users is that they do not spend a lot of time on one topic; it will be usually on the go and has to be fast.

It is quite common for a client to request a fantastic and superb layout with all the bells and whistles however he is oblivious to the fact that such a website is likely to take longer to load on the mobile There are thus alternatives to this in order to have the best of both worlds – good design as well as mobile compatibility. Making the website responsive solves several such issues. 

At the same time simply getting the design right is not where it ends, because if the website does not deliver what it has promised it will fail to create a lasting impression. The website will also require the correct and good quality content to go with the design. The functionality of the website is the other important factor in website development.

Prioritize what matters the most:

Our website may have several design elements some basic, some additional ones to enhance the design. There comes a time when your intentions are correct in making the website more attractive but you end up doing more harm by increasing the loading time.

Thus it makes sense to separate you design plan into three sections. To start with you can have the “Core-Content” section which includes the bare essential design elements and content. Then comes the “Enhanced Content” which would include all the elements that are required give your website that extra ump! At the end comes the “Left Content” which can include any extra enhancement required.

With such a system in place it is easy to tweak your design if required; since then you have three different sections and know exactly what measures to take in order to achieve the desired performance.

Keep your HTTP request low:

Every HTTP request made by the browser costs you extra time. This usually does not matter and not many scrutinize this issue either. However when it comes down to the wire where your trying to fine tune your website for performance and at the same time keep you enhanced design elements; scrutinizing this can be great help.

The bottom line is that for every file included the browser will have to have to access the server in order to retrieve the information. Hence if you have many CSS or JavaScript files included it means that the browser is doing some extra work in loading those files. This extra work when converted it added time can amount to a significant amount of time.

The solution is simple and obvious as many of the experienced designers may have guessed based on where these facts are headed. It is beneficial for you to include all the CSS in one style sheet and the same applies to the JavaScript files as well as other resources that are included.

In addition to which the HTML code used in including the external files matters as well.

The best practice is to use the standard HTML code as shown below to ensure optimal performance:

<link rel=”stylesheet” href=”css/style.css” />

This is a commonly used HTML code which almost everyone implements. However some do make use of alternative methods as shown below which do not allow parallel download of the file:

@import url(‘css/style.css’)

Other Well-known factors:

There are many other factors that you can take care off to help your website perform better. They are as listed below:

  • Minify the HTML, CSS & JavaScript files
  • Using only optimized images.
  • Caching
  • Avoiding making a bad request (404 error) from a broken link at any cost.


This is an article solely aimed at helping you to build better websites. It often happens that the quest to have an online presence or to get online fast; the businesses take the wrong design decisions. This is issue is compounded when the website design firm is not experienced enough to provide the correct guidance. Having developed more than 2000 websites, Alakmalak is the one firm that always gets it right.

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