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Creating Nested – Multilevel Categories In WordPress

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  • WordPress is a very versatile software and further more it is open source and free for just anyone to download and install. It has many different applications; for example you could use it as a blog, a content management system or even an ecommerce store.
  • What makes WordPress so versatile are the key features that are included along with the default installation. In addition to these key features there are many supporting plugins that exploit these features to make WordPress a software with many applications.
  • One such key feature is the category section of WordPress. The main idea behind using categories is to better organize the content. It is needless to say that if your blog is better organized and well categorized it not only creates a better impression but also enables the visitors to find what they are looking for faster. To make things even better, WordPress supports multilevel nested categories.

Creating nested Categories:

Creating Nested Categories In WordPress

WordPress is very flexible when it comes to categories. It allows you to create nested multilevel categories and what’s more there are no limitations as well.

This can be achieved by following the steps mentioned below:

  • To start with load the admin panel of your WordPress website in your browser.
  • Select the Posts tab from the admin menu and click the Categories link.
  • In order to create a nested category you need to use the ‘Parent’ select box and make sure you select an existing category as the parent category of your new category.
  • Once you have completed making all your selections you will a have a category with a ‘Parent’ and thus have created a nested category.
  • Similarly you could go further and create a nested category of the ‘nested category’ you just created. Thus this enables the multilevel categories in your WordPress Website.

Advantages of nested Categories:

  • There are many advantages of implementing nested categories. One such advantage is the fact that the more the categories you have the more the number of pages you will be creating. This is because WordPress creates a page for the category that you implement for your content. These category pages in turn point to your content and thus generate links.

    Google appreciates more links and will never penalize you for doing so.


There are many plugins available in WordPress as we discussed earlier in this article. Here are a few that exploit the category feature in WordPress.

  • AVH Extended Categories Widgets: This plugin allows you to display the existing categories in a fancy manner. This plugin installs three different widgets; the enhanced version of the default category widget, a category group widget and a top category widget. As the name suggest the top category widget shows the most popular categories, while the category group widget can be configured to display relevant categories from a given group of categories.
  • WPEssence Bulk Categories: As the name suggests this category is used to create multiple categories at once. It helps you when you have a lot of categories to configure and also has the facility to configure the parent an slugs.


WordPress has immense possibilities when it comes to implementation. The categories feature is also extensively used when defining your products in a ecommerce store for example. It is possible that all this information is too much for you to handle you are new to the world of website or a person that manages websites rather than creating them.

In such cases it is best to leave the tasks to the professional WordPress Web Developers. Alakmalak is one such WordPress Web developer involved in many different types of applications.

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