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Creating cross – Article links in Joomla

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  • How to add internal article links in Joomla?

Cross articles are those which contains links to other articles. It is possible to add cross – articles links to your Joomla article by simply following the procedure mentioned below:

Cross Article links in Joomla

  • Begin by first loading the administrative panel of your Joomla website.
  • Once logged in you need to navigate from the Admin menu to Content >> Article Manager.
  • Now select any article from the list of articles present before you. This is the article you will use make modifications (links).
  • Open the article that you have selected.
  • You will notice a button on the lower left corner of your screen by the name ‘Article’.
  • Click that button and wait for the window to pop up. You will be able to select the article to link to from this pop-up windows.
  • Once you make your selection you will notice a new link in your content. This will be a link to the second article from your first article.
  • Thus you have successfully linked your articles.

There are many such tasks that can be handled by the end user without taking the help of a professional Joomla Web Developer. Joomla being a free software is available as a free download from their website. Once you do download it you can follow the user friendly interface to install it. After which you can select a template of your choice and install it onto your Joomla website. In fact you can even hire a Joomla Web Development company like Alakmalak to make a custom template for you with your custom functionality.

You are now all set to go. Hence the complicated part is setting up the website to suite your requirements; be it a blog, a content management system, or even an ecommerce website. The initial task is to install, configure and customize the Joomla website so that it is right for you.

Once you have set it up, adding content is a trivial task and does not require any knowledge of a programming language like PHP. It is possible to simply follow articles like this one to figure out how to perform the necessary task.


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