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Content is king” as the saying goes. This is a very popular phrase amongst the SEO teams and it is even more relevant these days since good quality content has been given a great deal of importance as has content marketing. In fact as far as a few SEO professionals are concerned content marketing is the new SEO.

Content writing has always been important and this has led to many people adopting bad practices. Since Google is not the “Search Engine King”, it has responded responsibility by changing it’s search engine algorithm.

This was done in aim to restore some faith into the article being published online so that they are actually of some value and not simply an SEO strategy. Content writing is one thing though and copywriting is something else. In fact there is thin line between the two. While content writing is for the purpose of entertaining and enticing the readers so that they remain on the website for a longer time and further browse the website.

Copywriting on the other hand does involved content writing with the subtle difference that it is meant to grab the attention of the audience immediately. The greater task for a copywriter is to sell the product or the service being written about.

Content Writing:

A content writer’s sole aim is to deliver good quality and original content for a special purpose. This can be a business or marketing etc. Content writing is also about writing articles for a blog or a press release that grabs the interest of potential customers and makes them aware about the products and services of a specific brand. The content marketing depends on the existence of good content to start with.

Let look at this from another perspective.

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This is simply an example to better explain how bits and pieces fit together. Consider the process of writing articles (content writing) as manufacturing missiles. Now consider the process of content marketing as shooting those missiles from an Aircraft after finding the target and using the guidance system to make sure it is delivered correctly. Here the aim is to manufacture a missile and deliver (drop) it at the right location. The same thing applies with Content.

The aim is to write good quality and relevant content and make it available for content marketing. And it is through the process of content marketing that the content is delivered (made available) to the targeted audience.

While writing good quality content you need to take into consideration that the average consumer can perform their research in the global market now. They are no longer restricted to local products and services.

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The average consumer will usually spend a large amount of time researching on the Internet. Hence it is only if your article and content is interesting and focused that it is going to be fruitful. A few rules of content writing:

  • The content you write should be strong and within the scope of the business.
  • It is best not appear like you are competing with other brands. Hence it is a good idea to publish information and benefits and related material about your product than information comparing your product with others.


Copywriting is when the content you write is all praises for a specific brand with intent to publicize it. Here you are mainly selling an idea or service with the help of your great content.

On the other hand content writing is more about explaining more about brand to the audience and make them aware of its benefits and to get them interested.

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In fact copywriting was considered to be a part of advertising in the past however it is now used create website content that engages the audiences and helps sell more effectively by making use of targeted terms and keywords.

Copywriting is often associated with online writing however that is not exactly correct. Copywriting really only refers to content that has been designed in order to promote an item or service. This is usually done via brochure, pamphlet, etc. However in the online world on the Internet things are a bit different since it is mainly associated with the content of sales pages.

Copywriting usually does require more detailed knowledge about the product and the targeted audience so that they can understand better how to frame their content. This also helps them set the right tone.

Branding is the process of educating the audience as to why your brand is good. Copywriting is meant for the reason of selling the brand, hence it is helps in the branding process it is being efficient. In a way copywriting is similar to content writing since both are intended to grab the attention of the audience. The subtle difference being that copywriting is meant to help in galvanizing the audience into action as well.

The basic rules of copywriting are listed here:

  • The headlines should attract attention
  • Always use clear and simple words that aid ambiguity.
  • The content should touch the audience and they should be able to relate to it.
  • The content should be so compelling that the audience will be consider taking some action.
  • It should build up the trust in the brand.
  • Things to avoid would to exaggerate, being sarcastic or using jargon.

How they fair:

There is an obvious difference between the two, content writing and copywriting. It lays in the purpose of writing in the first place; since content writing is more about passing information to the audience while copywriting is more about showing how the brand is the best in market.

Copywriting may come naturally to some content writers since the difference is very subtle. Hence content writers may often cross the line to some extent either intentionally or by mistake. But the bottom line is that copywriting should ideally not replace content writing. Copywriting may work at times but that doesn’t meant it is going to be effective at all times.

The fact of the matter is that if the content you write is always about selling the product or service it the visitor will tend to lose interest. On the other hand if it an informative article pertaining to that product that provides the visitor more knowledge and information on the topic it is likely to gain his trust and connect with him more effectively.

Hence the website content should not be written with the aim of appearing high on the search engine results; just as if you only talk to your customer with the goal of selling it will turn them off.

The famous saying “Pen is mightier than the sword. This does suggest that what you write does matter and usually influences in many ways. Hence there is a need to integrate your content


The changing and evolving world of Search Engine Optimization make the going hard especially for those of us who are not in the field and try to take a stab at it and also for those who are new to the field. There are a certain techniques we need to follow in order to be successful.

However on the changing face of SEO what is becoming blatantly clear is the fact that good quality content will be more effective. But what is more effective that just good quality content? Content that has been with the reader in mind, and that which is able to capture the imagination of the visitor will earn you more points than an article that contains all the strategic keywords but fails to interest the visitor.

The SEO industry has witnessed massive changes over the years and 2014 was no different. Although it is safe to say that the trends are continuing to point in the same direction and thus the SEO strategist do have some fixed method or strategy they can follow for their long term strategies.

The factors like social media, alternative content (video, info graphics), social blogs, and internet forums continue to be very effective. However good quality content is likely to be the most effective in the years to come. Hence a clear conclusion is drawn here; hang on to the good SEO team of yours since you will require them when it comes to implementing your strategies; but at the same time make sure you also maintain a team of good and effective content writers.

This is just the reason why our SEO team at Alakmalak is so successful. We bring out the best in your firm and can also help improve your brand image through several SEO techniques. This helps the overall search engine ranking of the website which be extremely vital in this competitive world of the Internet.

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