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Where does Web Design stand against UX Design?

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User experience design (UXD or UX Design) is actually the process of improving user satisfaction. This is mainly done by improving the usability, accessibility, and overall browsing experience when visiting the website or a webpage. This is the process of incorporating the traditional website design often referred to as human-computer interaction (HCI) and includes other aspects like those of the product and service being offered to improve the overall usability.

UX Design is more about the user experience and thus has a lot to do with human factors and ergonomics.

The main elements of UX Design are thus:

1. Visual Design

2. Information Architecture

3. Information

4. Structuring, organization, and labeling

5. Finding and managing

6. Usability

7. Interaction Design

8. Human-Computer Interaction

9. Accessibility

UX Design at work:

UX Design is a technique that is actively used on many websites. In fact, some use it even without realizing the fact that they are doing so. It has the amazing ability to bring out the best in website designers and thus also helps boost their confidence and creative skills. Thus the obvious question is at what level does the UX design take place and the answer to that is several levels, the wireframe being one of them.

The wireframe is a rough representation of the website and hence the UX Designers will start early by implementing the UX design right from the Wireframe itself. Wireframe offers many tools making it easy for the designer to make sure the UX Design elements are evident from the start.

User testing is important in UX Design. The reason is that UX Design is all about a better experience for the visitor. There is no better way of gauging the user experience other than putting a few users to work and testing the website.

A storyboard is a handy tool at times since it allows one to create a scenario and helps capture comprehensive information regarding the product. The final product is something that helps answer the user’s questions about what the product is all about, the applications of the product, and as to why it may be used.

Web design and UX Design:

There are several reasons why UX Design may seem the better and be may feasible technique. This is even more true today than it was a few years ago. There are several reasons why this happens as well:

Increasing use of open source software: More number websites being made online are using open source software like WordPress and Zen Cart and Magento for their websites.

The basic aim of a framework or open-source software is to help you pay more attention to the client details and thus make sure the website is completed without any hitch.

The open-source software provides a framework for web designers to lay the foundations of their website design process and go on to make something wonderful.


Thus implementing subtle features and taking a little more care of how the users will interact with the website (thus improving the experience) can go a long way in the effort to build an effective and successful website. As a developer you also should be aware of the fact that not every client is IT savvy. Thus it is necessary to educate them.

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  • Where does Web Design stand against UX Design?

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