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Comparing PHP With ASP.NET

Rushik Shah User Icon By: Rushik Shah

There are several programming languages to develop websites online. Some of the most commonly used languages and technologies are PHP, ASP.NET and Java. Although PHP is the only language that has been specially created for website development. There are several articles on which is the best programming language to use to develop a website. ASP.NET has several good features and since it is developed by Microsoft, there are several advantages of using ASP.Net when using a Microsoft Server.

Comparing PHP with ASP.NET

There are many factors to consider when selecting the optimal programming language. This may depend on the size of the project, how fast and efficient it needs to be besides many other factors.

Selecting the Optimal Language for Web Development

There are many factors to consider when selecting a programming language for your website. Here is how they PHP and ASP.NET compare:

– Cost of Development:

When it comes to the cost of development, PHP may have the upper edge. PHP can be installed on many different web servers. However, ASP.NET does not offer that flexibility. Hence the server cost for website developed using ASP.Net is higher than that for PHP.

In terms of the software itself, PHP is an open source software that is available as a free download. On the other hand, ASP.NET or the webserver IIS are not available as a free download. They are included for free with Microsoft Windows OS though.

There is no additional cost when it comes to PHP. Hence, it does not cost to a great deal to maintain a website developed in PHP. This is true in case of updates to PHP or the server.
There are additional costs involved when developing a website with ASP.NET. The Microsoft Server requires a license that comes at a cost. In addition to which, when the software requires to be updated, there would be an additional cost.

– Performance:

There is a general belief that PHP is optimal for small websites while for the large websites ASP.NET is a safer bet. However, there is more this that just the size of the website. PHP and MySQL are slightly more efficient at accessing the database than ASP.NET and MSSQL.

A website has many common features and many of these features require file access, loading images and communicating with the web server. PHP and the Linux server perform better than the Windows OS and NTFS file system. In additional to this, LAMP has more resources available since the Windows OS has several other tasks that take up its resources.

ASP.NET does have the ability handle larger websites better. When it comes to larger database and a larger code base with more complex problems, ASP.NET can be a better option.

–> There are many websites already using PHP as listed here:

–> There are fewer websites that utilize ASP.NET as listed here:

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Alakmalak is a web development Company in India that has been around since a long time. They have developed over 2000 websites over the years for clients from more than 20 countries around the world. Alakmalak offers web development services using several technologies like PHP, ASP.NET. They also offer mobile app development services and digital marketing services.

They have a dedicate team of website developers who utilize the state of the art resources to develop stunning websites. They also have the ability to develop websites using both PHP and ASP.NET.

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