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Most Common 6 Angular JS Issues that The Large Websites Face Today

AngularJS Development

AngularJS is considered to be one of the most powerful frameworks. If you are planning
to develop a large website with AngularJS, thorough research needs to be done in it.
Developing a large website could be a complex task and there may be several issues
rising during its initial stage that might even seem impossible to fix.

Here we list down the top 6 most common AngularJS problems that large websites come

1.Code Organization: Code organization is an important aspect to look into while developing a large-scaleAngularJS website. It helps to make your website look impressive and assists you in tracking that data in a better way and fetch important items quickly. The best way to handle the AngularJS application is to organize your code effectively.

2. Loading JavaScript Files: The large AngularJS projects need many JavaScript files that normally depend on each other and open up one by one. This can however slow down your website performance mainly if the files are being loaded upfront into your page. This can be avoided by dynamically loading the JavaScript files as it only loads per user requests, unlike the upfront loading.

3.Debugging Code: It is quite common that you might face problems during the development project that are tricky to debug, especially for AngularJS websites and apps. But there are various tools available that help in the debugging process and simplify the process in a much better way. For debugging AngularJS apps you can use the AngularJS Batarang Chrome extension that makes the debugging process much easier.

4.Lazy Loading: Lazy loading is a vital tool that ensures optimal loading times on the website, especially for large AngularJS websites. This assists you to load the website even if the code-base grows and large JavaScript files are required for the proper loading of the page. Many open-source projects adjoin lazy loading to AngularJS. Always choose an open-source solution that provides you with defined results without any hassles.

5. Integrating Third-party Libraries: Third-party libraries play a key role in developing large-scale AngularJS apps. But you will have to face some issue when integrating third-party libraries with AngularJS like valued returns through AJAX calls or changes in the DOM. It won’t acknowledge the changes unless you manually start the digest loop. Adding to this, also not all the third-party libraries are compatible with AngularJS.

6.Scope Inheritance: This is one of the most common errors that most of the AngularJS developers face. If you base your logic on scope inheritance then it becomes very hard to test it, the logic becomes more complicated and implicit.

Wrapping Up:

Most of the listed six problems can be solved if desired, but it is like a dead end. Keeping
in mind these AngularJS problems with large sites will help you to know how to deal
with the issues as they come up and on top. It might look to be challenging but isn't that hard as it seems to be. However, AngularJS is considered to be the  “Superheroic JavaScript MVW Framework.”

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Rushik Shah 31 August , 2020

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