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Changing the Joomla Copyright information

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Changing the Joomla Copyright information

  • Joomla is a versatile software that can be used for just about any application. For example it can be used as a blog, a content management system an ecommerce website, a magazine or even a newspaper. What all these websites have in common is a well defined header and footer.
  • The header of the website usually will consist of the name of the website along with the logo. Most if the websites will have the incorporate the navigation in the header as well; but that is however optional depending on the design of the website. The footer on the other hand will contain information of the website like the website name and year along with the link giving credit to the developer of the website.
  • The website design india these days also include a small menu and other a full-fledged menu too. It is perfectly ok to have a large footer as well that includes several modules or widgets like a weather section, address, even a small form of some kind or may be a video player.
  • But what is of great importance no matter how give your footer may be; is the copyright information along with the date and name of the website. This is more or less become a standard without which the website would look almost incomplete.
  • Besides being a section of the website that we are used to seeing the footer is also a very functional part of the website. The users feel assured of authenticity if they see the copyright information on your website. It gives them assurance that the website that they are viewing is the authentic one and not a copy or a duplicate website.
  • Furthermore links to the credits for the indian website developer add to that assurance. It is usually a good idea to have the privacy policy and terms and conditions link on the footer as well.
  • It is quite easy to remove the copyright information in Joomla though it may require you to be IT savvy. To start with you will need to login to the web server via FTP. This can be tough for a person who has no knowledge on the subject. However to make it simpler, FTP is a software used to access the files on a remote server. In this case you want to access the files on your website which are located on a remote server.
  • Thus login to your web server using FTP and navigate to directory of your template. Now select the index.php file and download it. It is a good idea to immediately make duplicate copy of the file since the changes you make can destroy it if done wrongly. Now edit the file in your favourite editor and scroll down to the section (bottom of the file) which has code regarding copyright information. This is likely to include the links for the Privacy policy and terms and conditions as well.
  • You change the content as you please making sure you do not break the code. It is now time to upload your changes back on to the server. The changes will be reflected in the website once you refresh it.


  • Changing the Joomla Copyright information
  • process of changing copyright information in joomla

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