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Changing the basic colors of the Joomla Website

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Joomla is a robust software that has been built using PHP language. However PHP knowledge is not required to download and install it onto your server. Once you do install it you may have the need to change the look and feel of the website. This can be done by changing the template of the website. The template you select may be either a ready-made one or one custom made as per your requirements. While the ready-made one is easy to install the custom one will require the help of professional website developer. Alakmalak is one such professional web developing company.

With a ready-made there are several options that are configurable; thus the website can be configured further. The configuration includes color of the website as well as the option of moving several modules around or toggling them. The custom made templates also have the option of changing color but it is usually not configurable from the administrative section. Instead you will need to access the CSS files or image files depending on the type of the website.

Here is a quick explanation of how you can go about changing the colors of your website:

The extent to which you can make changes depends on whether your website is using the CSS or images for the colored part. If it is using the CSS you will need to edit style sheet located in your CSS directory and for images you will need to change the images in the images folder. This can be done via Photoshop or some other similar graphical editing software.

As for the CSS file; you will find it your templates folder like templates/<your theme>/CSS. First download this file and then load it in your favourite editor. It is possible the CSS applied via browser addons. Thus simply find them, change the corresponding option in the CSS file. Once he changes are made you will need to upload file. Refresh your website to find the changes.

In case your website is using images you will need to edit the images of your template. These images will be located in the images directory within your template. You can login to the web server via FTP and download all the images concerned. It is likely that the templates also contains a PSD file. If so, you can edit this file in the graphics software Photoshop to change the elements and then upload them back on to the web server via FTP.

Thus the process of making changes to a Joomla website can get a bit tricky but it is nothing a good article cannot tackle. You should be in the position to be able to edit the color of your websites now that you have read this article.

  • Changing the basic colors of the Joomla Website
  • How to change the basic color of Joomla website

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