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Changing Default Product Listing View in PrestaShop

PrestaShop Web Development

PrestaShop is a very popular e-commerce software which is open source and is free to download from their website. It has a lot of features and modules to offer many which come along with basic installation.


PrestaShop like any other shopping cart solution offers many basic features though PrestaShop goes one step ahead and has also included many additional features. Besides the many other features PrestaShop has a powerful search feature. It is also possible to customize PrestaShop to add unique features, although that would require the help of a PrestaShop web developer.

The default product listing view can be changed by simply following the steps below:-

1. You first need to connect to you web server via FTP.

2. Once connected navigate to /themes/your theme/ and here you will find the theme number.

3. Here the file product-list.tpl needs to be downloaded to your local machine and edited in your favourite editor.

4. Within the file look for the line of code like the one below:

<ul id=”product_list”>

5. Change the above piece of code as below:

<ul id=”product_list”>

6. This will set the product listing to listing view.

7. Now find the file product-sort.tpl online via FTP and download it.

8. Edit this file in your favourite editor as well.

9. Search for the code below and replace as below.

<li id=”product_view_grid”></li><br>
<li id=”product_view_list”><li><br>

Change to:

<ul class=””product_view”><br>
<li id=”product_view_grid”><></li><br>
<li id=”product_view_list” li><br>

10. Clean the cookies and ache in the browser and reload the product list page.

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  • how to change default products listing view in prestaShop?
Rushik Shah 25 December , 2013

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